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Success in Leadership

There is a great amount of literature on some failures and achievements of dominant personalities, theories of leadership, and the ways to become successful. This literature pushes people to an idea that there exist some secrets of leadership success that...

Personal and Professional Development

Self-managed learning is an individual activity that involves different techniques of learning new information from the society, family and friends, or at the workplace, which is a heterogeneous environment. The self-experience of a person and learning from others’ experience is...

Leadership Effectiveness

Organizational dynamics are impacted by a number of factors ranging from the internal ones, which include the job performance and working conditions, to internal ones, which involve globalization and business environment the company operates in. This paper specifically focuses on...

Human Resource Management

The effective HR management is viable for the well-being of every company. Without professional human resources management any business would ever survive the competition. Therefore, it is critically important to observe, evaluate and study the peculiarities of this field with...

Learning Theory

Learning theories are the set of principles that outline the methods, by which individuals acquire and retain knowledge. Several theories of learning focus on the different ways of how people incorporate knowledge. For instance, behaviorist theory concentrates on the observable...

How or Does Motivation Affect Performance

How or Does Motivation Affect Performance Psychology pays special attention to the sports motivation. This is the main driving force allowing achieving new goals for athletes. People engaged in sports conduct purposeful psychological work, motivating themselves with the help of...

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