Success in Leadership

There is a great amount of literature on some failures and achievements of dominant personalities, theories of leadership, and the ways to become successful. This literature pushes people to an idea that there exist some secrets of leadership success that mark out the good leaders on the background of underwhelming ones. It is generally known th...

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Personal and Professional Development

Self-managed learning is an individual activity that involves different techniques of learning new information from the society, family and friends, or at the workplace, which is a heterogeneous environment. The self-experience of a person and learning from others’ experience is also crucial in expanding the self-managed learning due to th...

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True American Drinking Game Ideas

Just think of numerous occasions when you could play a ring of fire drinking game and make people imbibe from the King cup. It is absolutely funny and entertaining and can spice up any party. Thus, if you want to be a genuine party animal, you should know cool drinking games which you can make use of on the Freshers' Day or next time you will ha...

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Low-Income Students: 4 Psychological Tips

The world is full of diversity, and sometimes it is so hard to find a way to balance or unite it. However, according to Nelson Mandela saying, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." It seems that he was right. Nowadays, we aim that each of us has the equal opportunities for the fair and successful educatio...

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The 4 Things that Set You Up for Success in Writing

What hard skill employers emphasize the most when recruiting college grads? According to the survey of PayScale. com, most of them prize “writing proficiency” the most. That is an unexpected response, isn’t it? Our education system has a number of shortcomings, but it does teach writing well. In reality, the problem lie...

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