When it goes about good paying jobs for college students, the only two things matter: flexibility and good pay. Still, think that you aren't able to manage these two? Read on and you'll see that flexible jobs for college students do exist! It doesn't really matter whether you want to find the jobs that pay for college or just have some pocket money, the following jobs will definitely suit you.

Job #1: Babysitter

The reasons to like this job are:

  • It is tax-free, and usually well-paid
  • Parents adapt to your schedule, that's the biggest advantage ever
  • When picking a job you have the choice, aren't crazy about babies? It's not a problem, you are picking who you will be working with.
  • You consume their food (an advantage for sure).
  • Besides all the mentioned above, parents can be of a great help once you graduate. If you are on a good side with parents, later they will become great helpers in getting "a real" job.

Job #2: Bartender

The reasons to take this option seriously:

  • You won't have any troubles with classes as it's at night.
  • You can earn a fortune, just getting the tips.
  • The number of bar options is usually wide, and every college town has at least one for sure.
  • You are able to know every type of drinks, you'll become a real pro.

Job #3: Driver

The essential thing when choosing this option is your feeling safe while you're driving. Just imagine how you can benefit being a Lyft or Uber driver. When you need to settle your own schedule you are a big boss here. More advantages concerning a job of a driver:

  • On average $15.07 per hour, WITHOUT including tips.
  • If you want to get paid more, no problem, just work during busy times.
  • Over again, you are given the freedom to work whenever you want.
  • Lyft and Uber are very popular among college students, so there is no need to worry about enough people to use your service.
  • One more major point to take into consideration, you definitely need a car to do this. But if you are a car owner, it's such a great way to earn money being a college student.

Job #4: Fitness Trainer

Great news for you if you are obsessed with working out. What could be better than balancing the pleasure of investing in yourself and making money at the same time? Become a fitness instructor and besides being paid, you'll be working out yourself!

  • Over again, you kill two birds with one stone, you earn money and workout.
  • Usually, most of the people work out later at night or early in the morning which goes perfectly with your college student schedule.
  • One negative moment: there would be a need to get certified.

Job #5: Blogging

The reasons why you should take this option seriously and finally fall in love with it:

  • Of course, it definitely will take some time to build up, but then be ready to reap the fruits.
  • You are given an incredible chance to write about the things you really like and interact with other people from all around the world.
  • If you don't feel like starting your own blog, there are lots of companies around you. Many of them are looking for website writers.
  • There is always an opportunity to end up turning this job in a full-time job.

Job #6: Library Monitor

Of course, you won't get paid as much as the other jobs might pay you, but just think for a while what a huge advantage is the ability to do your homework right there.

  • The places where to find this job are your local city library or your college.
  • In other words, you are paid to do the homework. Sometimes, of course, you'll have to answer some questions, but believe me, it won't take much time. And still, a plenty of time is left.
  • You have forced study time which is undoubtedly a great thing.
  • Consider this job as it is offered as a work-study program by a lot of schools. This job is definitely worth to be thought about!