Every college student can go nuts as soon as a new academic year starts knocking on the door, I do believe that college isn’t always to be assimilated to stress. The suggested hacks are meant to reveal you the secrets of college success, the ones that suggest no stress no matter are you a freshman or a senior.

1. Save yourself a fortune by renting your textbooks

When I look at the books which tend to collect dust at my house, the ones, I bet I never open again the only thought that comes to mind is the amount of money I could have saved by renting instead of buying. Renting will save you both space in your bookshelves and money in your pocket. Amazon and BookRenter are the websites of a great pleasure to use; bookrenter's textbooks are available 60 to 80 or even 90 percent off the original price. Why shouldn’t you save up a bit if there is an opportunity?

2. Class attendance is a MUST

You might say it goes without saying, but believe me, there are hundreds of students who do surprise why their grades are so low paying no attention to their poor class attendance. Yes, the class might be the most boring thing ever but professors always notice your presence and engagement in their class, so it would be a good investment in your grade.

3. Care to get your homework done by Friday

I discovered this amazing hack my previous semester of college, and beyond any doubt, it’s the best decision ever! Dedicating time to get your homework done by Friday you ensure yourself super amazing weekends with no stress! After a relaxing weekend, you are definitely full of energy and motivation for the next academic week, which is truly essential in the college life. Just imagine how much you will be able to hang out with your friends because you’ve already got things done beforehand. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

4. Meet and ask your professors beyond class hours or email them if you don’t understand something

Even if it seems that your professor wants to stress you out of your mind, it’s not his intention, believe me. However professors tend to be intimidating, it’s not like that indeed. All you need is to meet your professor and ask questions. You can’t even imagine how helpful it will be! Besides showing your interest in the subject, you make professor respect you more.

5. You should create a checklist of everything you need to get done every week

Sorting out the things, you will have to do this semester in each class you are creating your schedule planner, looking at the syllabus of course. The reason why I’m constantly doing that is my amazing feeling of a well-organized person, what to say about the delight of checking the last item off for the week. Making your schedule and writing down for each day in it, you are setting your time & priorities wisely, being able to stay on top of things.

Besides all mentioned benefits, it also improves your positive thinking. How will you ask? Keeping your checklist you vividly see how much you’ve already completed and managed to do, it encourages you to do a lot more, what to say about keeping your spirits high during any hard and stressful time.

6. Do your best to have "A" at the very beginning of the semester.

It’s the start that indicates the whole process and the final result; I strongly believe the same concerns the grades. You should keep your grades as high as possible in the very beginning, that’s the most important hack for sure. Doing your best right at the beginning you have much more energy and motivation for your final week to be a breeze. Believe me; once you’ve put in the highest effort in your good start, you’ll notice the difference later at the end. You’ll definitely say thanks to yourself for those times when you’ve been studying so hard, the prize is worth that extra work at the beginning of the semester.

I hope you’ve found the suggested hacks the useful ones. Remember that you are responsible for making your college life a great and unforgettable period of your life!