A busy college student does a lot of things every day. Sometimes young people do not have time for self-care. Here are some tips that will teach you how to manage your time correctly.

Spend Your Time Properly

Take some time to watch how you control your day. It is very important to immediately identify the areas that are absolutely unpromising and those, in which it is worth investing your energy. This tip will help prioritize things correctly.

Formulate the goal

Is this situation similar to you, when you invest a lot of energy in something but do not know what you want to achieve in the end? You spend a lot of your precious time trying to become more effective, while not having an ultimate goal. In other words, you are not focused on what is really important to you. Having a goal, you can concentrate on the ways to get the desired result. It can also become a good motivator.

Make a to Do List

You can make a list of plans in your head, but it is much better to write it on paper. You can turn to it at any time during the day. Think about how it will look printed on a piece of paper, written by hand or saved in a computer. By deleting completed cases from the list, you will get a certain pleasure and inspiration for new accomplishments. At the same time, you will not have to waste time trying to remember which other things need to be completed.

Set Priorities

The compilation of a to-do list will not be effective if all the cases in it will be in the wrong order. You will always be tempted to do what you want, not what is important first. Prioritize and focus on solving the most urgent problems. Thus, if some cases remain unfulfilled by the end of the day, they are not very important.

Do Everything Well

If you are going to perform some task not adjusting yourself properly, this means that you will not do it properly. Make every effort to do everything well. Thus, you will make fewer mistakes, and you will not have to spend time on redoing. First of all, take care of the most difficult cases, as this will increase chances that you will do everything right.

Stop Postponing Things for Later

Many people prefer to procrastinate or mentally consider the ways of doing the action, instead of acting. Especially often, this happens when you are surrounded by numerous distracting factors that can serve as excuses. Try to control your environment, banishing from it things that dissipate your attention. If you face a difficult task, you will subconsciously seek to evade its solution, using all sorts of pretexts for this.

Be Organized

Disorganization is the thief of your time. Just imagine how much time you spend trying to locate a thing at work or home. Perhaps you need to cope with the chaos prevailing in your working or living space to perform more efficiently. Move away those things that you do not need, or even get rid of them.

Share Your Things to Do

It looks obvious, but you can free up a lot of time for yourself by redirecting someone to work. The idea is to give someone a task with which this person can cope faster or not worse than you can. It applies to both work and home affairs. Do not hesitate to ask your colleague or classmate for help; maybe he or she will be happy to do an interesting assignment.


In some cases, an excellent solution will be to perform several tasks simultaneously, which will allow the effective use of the available time. We are not talking about massive overloads, just about combining tasks when it is possible. For example, when you are on the road, do not lose the opportunity to listen to the audio course of a foreign language that you have long dreamed of mastering. In addition, if you travel on a train, it is a great opportunity to read a book.

Learn to Say No

If someone asks you to do something, ask yourself, “Is this my responsibility? Am I really the best candidate to solve this problem?” In case of a negative answer, do not take this task. Do not look for excuses, not doing anything, of course; you should not always refuse when someone asks you for something. Just do not become a way of solving other people's problems; it will help you significantly free up your time.

Be Concentrated

When you are focused on the assignment, you can complete it quickly. The only way to keep concentration is to shield yourself from all distractions. It is not enough to focus on doing some work at the start; it is also important not to lose this focus. If you have a serious task to do, be isolated, turn off the phone and do not turn it on until you finish your work. Do not worry; you will have enough time to reply to all messages or missed calls later.

Take Care of Yourself

It is impossible to work continuously, as you can be over-tired in this case. It is very important to find time to look at yourself from the outside; in this way, you can find out your limits. Keeping a healthy balance in your life, you will feel that you are moving in the right direction and are able to effectively cope with the problems and tasks that arise.