To date, when the studying information has become accessible to all people, we have a problem: how to focus and structure new knowledge, if there are no external constraints such as an exam or the need to prepare for the lesson. In this situation, students are saved by developers and the Internet, where more and more open universities, online courses, lectures and services for organizing educational process appear. Here is the list of the most effective free online courses for young scientists.

Free Courses for Self-Education

Udacity – It is a specialized course for developers and other technical specialists. There are paid and free lessons here.

EdX is a very large platform of video courses. The subject is extensive: from "The science of everyday thinking" to technical disciplines.

MIT Open Courseware - The name speaks for itself. If you develop, design and mount something, you will find a lot of useful information here. There is also a good course on technical entrepreneurship here.

Khan Academy – It is a known platform with video lessons of the exclusively applied nature; originally it appeared to help with the school program. Now the choice of subjects is much wider, including economy, art, and many other things.

Saylor – It is a project founded by entrepreneur Michael Sailor, which looks like a full-fledged online college. Almost all general educational subjects are collected here, but many of them are marked 101, which means the initial level in the American system.

Alison – This is a great service with free education courses. Good programs for linguists are presented here.

University of the People is a large, serious and free online university. You can choose one of such specialties as Business Administration or Computer Science.

iTunes U - Apple's iTunes University allows you to create and publish educational courses, and to try existing ones.

World Education University (WEU). "Learning should be free" is the slogan of this online university. It offers full-fledged specialties and degrees in them. There are few courses; you can go through the preparatory program to the university (where you are taught how to write essays, make presentations of projects, etc.), learn how to write books or get a degree of associate professor of arts.

Canvas Network - It has a lot of free courses on different intellectual topics. For example, there is a course "Parenting in a Digital Age"; you can also learn a programme "How to find good work with LinkedIn."

FutureLearn is a British resource that unites more than 40 universities offering free online courses. - If you want to learn some programming language or make a website yourself, come here.

Academic Earth – It is an aggregator of free courses in many disciplines.

Cosmolearning – It is another aggregator of lectures with a large section of documentary films.

Kadenze – This is an international project for the study of art and creative disciplines.

Coursomos – It is an aggregator of micro-courses on various topics.

Video Lectures and Lessons

TED - This well-known conference brings together professionals and interesting personalities around the world. Lectures are translated into many languages.

YouTube EDU - Education on YouTube. It includes lectures, interviews and much more.

Do Lectures – This site has many inspiring lectures from people who are trying to change something for the better.

Big Think has a lot of іhort video lectures from professionals in different fields about interesting practices from their experience.

Fora.TV includes free videos from conferences around the world. There is a section with documentaries and serials for a subscription.

RSA Animate – It has RSA animation on various topics.

Creative Live - Lots of lectures on creative disciplines are collected here. Use this life hack: if you register for lectures in advance, they are free, just monitor the calendar.

Mixergy - There are a lot of courses for startups and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

The Floating University - Experts of various disciplines speak about interesting facts and world issues in the format of video lectures.

Video Lectures – It is a huge resource of video materials - from broadcasting conferences to interviews and lectures.

Skillshare –This is another site with video materials for designers, photographers and other representatives of creative professions.

Tracking Your Progress and Finding Like-Minded People

Degreed - You may choose what you want to learn (graphic design, for example), set goals and get into your dashboard, where you see and add materials, create a training plan and track your progress.

Open Study - If you are studying something, you can be an expert and help someone with learning. If you have some difficulties with studies, you may get free consultation here.

Zero Tuition College – It is a simpler resource than Open Study, but it has the same goal - you can find like-minded people and unite for a joint study or discussion of the subject.

Learnist - The service allows you to create your own "collections" of materials on various topics. This is an excellent source of new information.

MentorMob - Organize your playlists and study in a course format. In addition, you can explore materials created by other users.

Cojourneo – This is a service for colloquial learning. Create a group, add participants and define a topic. It is suitable for online seminars.

Day Zero Project - There is a competitive aspect here. If you have a goal - announce it, find like-minded people and if you are risky enough - it can work. It is very inspiring to look at someone else's goals and learn many interesting things.