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In order to write a high quality article critique, it is important to understand what kind of paper it is.

Article critique paper can be defined as a paper aimed at analytical analysis of some literature piece. Besides, in this paper, it should be indicated whether the main idea of an analyzed text is supported by the writer or not.

Many students have problems with writing such papers. As a result, some of them tend to buy an article critique papers online.

The biggest mistake a writer can make while writing article critique is to summarize the main points instead of actually analyzing them. It is a wrong approach towards this papers writing, as the main aim of a writer in this case it to demonstrate personal attitude towards an article under discussion. Nevertheless, in order to support personal viewpoint, the writer mush use reliable evidences and supporting facts.

One of the ways to understand how to write article critique is to look for article critique example essay online. It will give you a clear understanding of how the paper should be structured and what information should be provided in it. Following are the tips on how to summarize and critique an article.

How to critique an article

Gathering Evidence For Article Critique

First of all, think about the message the author tried to send in his/her article. Is it reasonable? Does it seem practical in the current world? Try to compare the main idea with similar ideas that can be found in other sources. Pay attention to information presented in introduction and conclusion, as these parts can serve as a key to understanding article’s purpose.

Presence of biases in an article is possible in cases when the author has some benefits from providing different points in the article. The biases can be traced by looking for the parts of an article where opposing arguments are intentionally ignored. However, as a writer, you should be careful with such information, as it may confuse you and affect your critique negatively. The deal is that you may consider the conclusions made by the writes to be not what they really are.

The other reason of biases is narrow view point presented by the writer. It can be related to gender, sex, race, class, etc. Pay close attention to such issues and try to analyze them from a broader view point.

Importance of Stylistic Elements

Without doubt, the most important part of an article is information provided in it. However, there are also many “hidden” elements that can be used to provide good article critique. One of such elements is stylistic side of writing. In order to understand the intention of the author better, you should also pay attention to the voice of an article, its tone, choice of words, etc.

Such elements will help you single out deeper problems and even find some hidden intentions of an author. For example, heated tone of an article can indicate not only the importance of the problem for the author but also show his/her own interest in the topic.


  1. Introduction

Format of the paper is extremely important for making it readable and for delivering message properly. If you structure your paper in a proper manner, it will be easier for readers to understand your point. Formatting of an introduction is also important as this part of the paper sets a tone of the whole critique. Make sure, it is not longer than two paragraphs. In addition, try to outline those areas of the article you are analyzing that you find most confusing or which you consider weak.

Do not forget to provide information regarding the author of the article you are going to critique, article’s title, date of publication, as well main idea and focus of the article. Use APA formatting style if other is not indicated by the professor.

  1. Main Body

The main aim of the main body is to critique the article by providing evidences. Each paragraph of the main body serves as a tool for expanding your points. It is recommended to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. In such way, the readers will know what to expect and what the section will be about. However, it does not mean that you have to make a summary of the whole paragraph in one sentence. Very often, topic sentence serves as a transition from one idea to the other.

  1. Summary

Each paper, including article critique should end up with a conclusion. Its aim is to summarize the main points of your critique and explain the readers why your review can be considered relevant. It will show that your critique is not merely your own opinion on the topic but a proper and deep analysis of an article supported by reliable evidences.

The tips above will help you write a good article critique. However, if you find this task too difficult, you can always buy an article critique from a professional writing company.

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