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Definition of Different Writing Styles

It can be stated that there is no correct writing style. In order to prove this statement, let us have a look at three writing styles and characterize them in details. After it is done, short summary will be provided at the end of the article.

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Oratorical Style, Prophetic Style, and Romantic Style

As it can be seen from the subheading above, the three styles chosen for this article are romantic style, oratorical style and finally prophetic style. So, let us take a look at each of them.

Oratorical style icon

Oratorical Style

Oratorical definition outlines this style as the one used for preparation of speeches. The aim of such writing is to persuade the public that something has to be done, supported or is not worth attention.

This writing style has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome, where it was widely used by representatives of the government. Public speeches were one of the most effective tools to influence the public opinion. As a result, those individuals who possessed extraordinary oratorical skills and managed to master oratorical style received the biggest support of people.

In order to make it more effective, the speakers used such elements of speech as rhymes, repetitions, as well as some additional features, which were related to music.

The other specific feature of this style is that the speaker has to avoid using complex arguments. His speech has to be simple but effective to appeal to the virtues of the public. Each oratory sentence should be understandable. Oratorical in a sentence, this principle of making public speeches was implemented by many politicians and philosophers. It meant the possibility to tell much in a couple of words.

So, even considering that oratorical writing style is considered as one of the most important and effective, it should be simple at the same time. Just imagine a Roman emperor talking as if he is reading a term paper! Such speech would probably have no success with a public.

Prohetic style icon

Prophetic Style

Prophetic definition, as well as prophetic styles definition can be outlined as a mean of delivering messages to masses. Prophetic word was delivered by prophets, who were supposed to be mediums delivering important information. At the same time, the sources of such information were different, including the powers above. 

Prophetic meaning and different prophetic speeches are clearly outlined in the Bible, specifically in Old Testament. One of the specific features of this writing style is that the prophet was not equal to the public. He/she was a person who was believed to have an access to a special source of truth and wisdom, while the other individuals were deprived of such possibility.

Prophetic in a sentence principle can also be applied to this writing style. Prophecies tend to be short in their essence but contain much information.

Nowadays, prophetic words and prophecies are understood a little different. Modern understanding of how to write a prophecyis limited to such things as, for example, predicting what haircut will be in trend next season.

Romantic style icon

Romantic Style

Romantic style writing is characterized by one specific feature. This writing type supports an idea that communication, as well as writing, is based on a personal experience, feelings and emotions of a writer/speaker.

One of the romantic characteristics is subjectivity, while one of the most common romantic hero characteristics is concentration on self-experience.

As a result, the reliability of this writing style is doubtful, as the truth is considered to be based on first-person experience, which makes it subjective.

One thing that makes this writing style contradict the principles of traditional academic writing is that in academic writing the truth is presented as an objective information, which is known, supported and available for everyone.



Regardless of objectivity or subjectivity of each writing style described above, all of them represent a model of communication between the author and the audience.

Successful communication is only possible, if a speaker or writer can clearly define the aim, and context of message delivered, as well as properly analyze the audience, its needs, and personal relations with it.

Consequently, each of the styles outlined in the article can be useful in reaching the main goal of a writer. Even though they are different from one another, they all have their weak and strong sides, which can be used in the process of communication through speeches or written texts.

That is why, it can be summarized that each of the styles, whether it is romantic, oratorical or prophetic cannot be considered as the correct one. At the same time, if properly used, each of them can serve its purpose fully. 

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