Descriptive Sentences: What Is It?

Descriptive Paragraph and the Truth about It

Usually a descriptive paragraph is meant to describe an individual, a thing or a place. It helps to understand how an individual felt, saw or heard something at a certain place and time. It is used regardless of the fact whether the situation is imagined or real. In addition, the task of descriptive paragraph is to provide the readers with detailed image of an individual, thing or place. Such kind of paragraphs employs numerous descriptive sentences in order to show a clear image of a place, individual and things.

Definition of a Descriptive Paragraph

Paragraph refers to a sentences group that is meant to cover the selected topic. You may write a descriptive paragraph about a person or a descriptive paragraph about a place. Descriptive paragraph in particular is aimed at description of certain circumstances. For instance, a descriptive paragraph may provide an explanation of the individual’s look or behavior. Such type of paragraphs can also describe the place or thing as well as certain environment.

Description Types and Descriptive Details

There are different types of descriptive writing. It is allowed to describe anything you need in a descriptive paragraph. You may use various approaches to write in a descriptive manner. In case your description is subjective, it helps the writer to evoke different emotions and provide personal views on a particular subject. If your description should be objective, neutral words have to be used so as not to show personal attitude and emotions. It is recommended not to add any personal feelings in such type of description.

Five Senses

It is important to use five senses when writing a descriptive sentence. Describe your readers the look of a thing, how it feels or even tastes as well as smells and sounds. For instance, you can write a descriptive paragraph using such words as rough, smooth or soft. If you have to describe some food, you can use the following words: sweet, bitter or salty. When you should describe a certain smell, you may use such words as fruity, fresh or rosy.

The Use of Transitional Words in a Descriptive Sentence

Do not forget to link sentences in your descriptive paragraph using transitional words. Such kind of words helps the writer to connect sentences in a cohesive manner. In addition, it helps to follow the logical order of sentences in the descriptive paragraph. For instance, you may use “firstly”, “Second” or “Finally” as transitional words.