Editing Essays Practice

Once you finish writing an essay, it is time to start perfecting your work. This means revising and editing it thoroughly and it is the last step in the process of producing a successful written piece. As is the case with writing, effective editing is something that improves with time and plenty editing essays practice. The written work of even the most famous writers needs to be skillfully edited.

While it is important to get as much editing essays practice as you can, this guide explains in a step-by-step manner how to perfect your written work and rid it of errors.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Editing Your Paper

Editing Essay Practice Step 1

It is usually tempting to get an assignment completed as quickly as possible. Try to avoid the desire to get every step out of the way at once. Instead, it is recommended that writers stop for a break once the writing part is complete. Do things that are entirely unrelated to writing to enable you to come back to your paper with a fresh pair of eyes.

Editing Essay Practice Step 2

When one has to edit college essay papers, the first task is to check the rules that were provided on formatting to make sure these have been adhered to. It can also help to use some type of editing or formatting software to check that the formatting instructions and other guidelines have been applied. If your work has avoidable punctuation errors and/or formatting mistakes that could be fixed, your reader(s) may think you are unprofessional, careless, and sloppy.

Editing Essay Practice Step 3

If you refer to an editing checklist of the high school or college level, you will see that an effective written piece is one that is well structured, clear, and coherent, with good transitions linking the different points and paragraphs. The following is a good example of an essay with standard formatting:

The introductory paragraph is your opportunity to get the attention of your reader and to earn their goodwill. This is where you introduce interesting facts and let readers know about the point(s) you intend to argue or make.

A thesis statement sets out the purpose of a written piece and it should be presented early on in an essay (usually in the introductory paragraph).

An essay’s body should include all points that are relevant to the topic you are discussing. Make sure every word goes towards proving the correctness or validity of your central thesis statement.

A conclusion should reiterate the main points from the body of your paper. It is here that you should let readers know about any actions they are expected to take.

Editing Essay Practice Step 4

Once your essay is written, check it to make sure you have used precise and clear language. Your aim is to convey all relevant information in as concise a manner as possible. Make sure your sentences comprise of words that make them clear, concise, and short. Avoid language that is ambiguous and fragmented. Do not use colloquialisms or jargon and remove any clichés or unfamiliar terms you find. While it may be tempting to use ideas and/or phrases that are specific to a particular field or industry to make your work seem more authoritative and well researched, be careful! If you try to force these into your essay, they can sound unnatural and contrived, and your readers will notice this.


Editing Essay Practice Step 5

One big mistake that many young and inexperienced writers make is to fall in love with certain words and/or phrases they thought of. But it is not wise to structure entire paragraphs around a single phrase or sentence or to rewrite whole pages because you are reluctant to get rid of a particular phrase. Edit your work ruthlessly and get rid of any elements that do not contribute to its attractiveness and readability.

Editing Essay Practice Step 6

If your work contains facts and/or figures, check these over and over again. Make sure any numbers you include in a citation come from the text or document you referred to. Check that all quotations are accurate, all sources are correctly cited, and that images are noted.

Editing Essay Practice Step 7

You have written a great introduction that has engaged your reader(s) and got them interested. Your thesis is solid and readers understand it and are eager to see how you go about proving it. You have their attention so it is only necessary to say what you have to say once. The practice of repetition is usually a complex writing device. When a piece is short, it is more difficult to use this device correctly. Hence, it is best to play safe so as not to irritate readers by overusing phrases and making repetitive recalls.

Editing Essay Practice Step 8

If you ask Great-Writings.com to, “edit my college essay,” you will find our expert writers and editors use active voice in so far as this is possible. This makes writing clearer and more pleasant for the reader. Here are two useful tips for using active voice when writing:

Try to structure sentences so that subjects are the ones taking action. Here is an example: Say “I placed the textbook on the desk,” rather than “The textbook was placed on the desk.”

Try not to use verbs like “to be” too often. You can vary your use of this with, for example, had been, has been, may be, will be. Look for ways of paraphrasing sentences. You could, for instance, change a statement like this “What she did yesterday is a clear contradiction of what she preached last week” to “What she did yesterday contradicts what she preached last week.”

Editing Essay Practice Step 9

Now is not an appropriate time for experimenting with grammar rules or the structure of sentences. When writing for an academically-minded audience, it is advisable to keep punctuation as simple as possible. Instead of trying to prove you are intelligent or trying to write sentences that flow attractively, your goal should be simplicity and standardization when dealing with structure and form.

Editing Essay Practice Step 10

Once you feel your written work is as perfect as it can be, proofread it (more than once) to check for possible errors in the grammar and spelling. Try and read your work backwards so that you can see it in a fresh light.

Editing Essay Practice Step 11

Ask a competent member of your family or a friend to read your work to identify any parts that could be improved. Other people can often spot problems you missed and they may be able to give valuable feedback in terms of clarity.

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