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The nature of domestic violence is adverse actions of one member of the family towards another. It is usually expressed in the form of cruel words and actions.

Domestic violence is a core factor which may ruin the relationships in the family

As a result, it influences the children’s development and formation of an individual. A lot of psychological disorders of adult people are the consequences of violence they experienced in their childhood. Taking it into account, the problem of domestic violence is a burning issue in the society.

Since a family is a main component of the society, its main function is not performed if people suffer from brutality in their families. Therefore, certain actions should be done to prevent the domestic violence. But before analyzing the methods to prevent it, the reasons and kinds of domestic violence should be defined.

Among the consequences of domestic violence the following ones may be pointed out: physical (physical injuries of victims); psychological (psychological injuries may be even more important than physical ones); financial (victims should be treated in an appropriate way and society losses potential working places), etc. Generally, domestic violence is a very negative phenomenon and should be eliminated. Economic consequences of domestic violence may be proved by the following words.

The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year, $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services. Victims of intimate partner violence lost almost 8 million days of paid work because of the violence perpetrated against them by current or former husbands, boyfriends and dates (Domestic violence facts).

It has been already mentioned that domestic violence can be divided, according to the members of a family that are involved. Also, domestic violence can be divided into physical and moral. Moral violence can be even more dangerous that a physical one, since it influences psychology of a person. For example, a wife can usually remind her husband about his salary stressing out that he is not responsible enough, and emphasizing that he cannot feed the family.. It is a slight form of domestic violence, since it affects psychology of a husband and humiliates him. On the other hand, a rich man can give particular amount of money to a wife and control her purchases. He can always underline that he provides her with everything that she is a kind of slave for him.. It is another form of a moral domestic violence.

We are used to believe that our society constantly develops

We have become more humane and morally developed. We have passed the road from slavery and humiliation of women to full emancipation for less than 200 years. That is why such problems as domestic violence should have been eliminated years ago. However, they still remain relevant. An interesting fact is that this problem is common for developed countries and developing ones. This opinion can be proved by the following words.

The American Bar Association and the Department of Justice provide the following statistics about domestic violence: about 25 percent of women and 7.6 percent of men are raped or physically assaulted by their spouse, partner, or dating partner in their lifetime; nearly 1.3 million women and about 835,000 men are assaulted by their partner every year in the United States (Shocking domestic violence statistics).

The current statistics seem unreal. That is why we can say that despite the level development of the economy, the society, the degree family well-being the problem of domestic violence is still very significant. In order to eliminate domestic violence people should realize the reasons of it. Among the factors, which have an impact on domestic violence, the following ones may be pointed out.

We believe that one of the main factors that lead to domestic violence is lack of money and poverty. Poverty forces people to do terrible things. For example, a wife may insult her husband, because of lack of money. On the other hand, this husband may assimilate his anger and inferiority complex via violence to a wife and children.

Another important reason for domestic violence is sexism, social and educational background of spouses. Some people were not brought up properly, the principals of moral values were not settled. . They do respect their spouses and realize themselves performing violent actions. Usually, it is related to the so-called male privilege. For instance, it may be strange to wait for respect from a person, whose father beat his mother. Thus, we can even say that domestic violence may have some hereditary character.

Alcohol and drug abuse are also very influential reasons for domestic violence. People use drugs because of the different reasons, moreover, they are adequate, using drugs. That is why it usually ends with violence towards members of a family.

Another important factor that may lead to domestic violence is religion

Some kinds of religion do not cultivate appropriate respect to women, which provoke rude actions toward them. The key problem of it is the absence of respect. There are a lot of social and other institutions that promote male privilege over women, besides, historic heritage is also an influential institution.

Psychological problems may be the reason for domestic violence. Stressful situations, jealousy, depression are the examples of it. On the other hand, these psychological problems are caused by the other factor, which may have social, economic and other character.

Generally, all the mentioned factors work in complex which results into domestic violence. For example, poverty leads to psychological problems, which, in turn, cause domestic violence. That is why all the factors must be analyzed in complex in order to eliminate the reasons for domestic violence.

Therefore, we have identified the main factors that lead to domestic violence. The following question is what factors are the most influential and what the connection between them and final violence is.. In fact, it is the subject of statistic researches. This subject has caused a lot of discussions about methods that should be used to analyze the mentioned connection. It is a very important question, since the most effective method is going to help to eliminate the problem of domestic violence as soon as possible.

The problem of domestic violence in statistical context provides a lot of effective methods for further analysis. The articles propose theoretical concepts and the instruments of their practical realization (Matthew J, 1999) Additionally, it provides some interesting statistical results. However, we should also remember about special reports. There are institutions and agencies that regularly publish reports.

The main things in any statistical analysis are variables

These variables are divided into two types – dependent variables and independent variables (factors that influence state of dependant variables). In our case, independent variables are the mentioned reasons for domestic violence. The dependant variables are the cases of domestic violence and to know it, the area of analysis should be chosen first. Despite the high level of development of American society, this country still experiences domestic violence. According to the Committee on Judiciary,

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. (p.3.). There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters” (Fast facts on domestic violance).

Related statistical reports have shown interesting results. Among the most interesting facts the following ones may be pointed out. One in every four woman is going to experience domestic violence during lifetime. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. It means that the problem under consideration is especially vulnerable for women. The most vulnerable woman’s age for domestic violence is between 20-24 years. Most cases of domestic violence are not reported to police. Also, almost every statistical research has shown that witnessing of violence in childhood is the strongest factor that transmits domestic violence from generation to generation.

Thus, after analysis of the range of researches, we can range the mentioned reasons for domestic violence. These factors will be ranged in the following way: hereditary factor, alcohol and drug abuse, poverty, sexism and male privilege, psychological problems, etc. We have defined the main five factors impacting domestic violence. As it has been already mentioned hereditary is the strongest factor. Usually, boys that were witness of domestic violence in childhood repeat the actions of their parents in their adult life. The character and personality are mainly formed in childhood. That is why such model of behavior may be considered as normal for some particular persons.

Alcohol and drug abuse is the second factor, since it makes people inadequate. We believe that alcohol and drug abuse is rather the factor that strengthens influence of the other mentioned factors. For example, a person with psychological problems, using alcohol, is easily irritated and may use force to his/her relatives. We have already said about role of poverty in stimulation of domestic violence. Lack of money is the main reason for everyday life problems. Finally, such factors as male privilege and psychological problems are also very important in stimulation of domestic violence.

Also, the mentioned researches explored connection of strength between the factors and cases of domestic violence. The different methods have been used. For example, correlation is probably the simplest method. Usually, the strength of connection is quite significant. It ranges from 0.4 to 0.65 (Matthew, 1999). Thus, the right factors have been chosen and they should become the subject of appropriate policy.

The factors can be grouped according to the different social groups of citizens. We mean that the different factors are more important in the different social groups of people. For example, male privilege and hereditary factor are more influential in rich families, while poverty and drug abuse are typical for less rich families.

All these factors should become the subjects of appropriate policy that should be targeted on elimination of this problem. The policy should be realized on the federal and local levels. It should become a prerogative of governmental institutions and special NGOs.

To conclude, domestic violence is a very serious problem for the modern society. Everyone may become a victim of brutal behavior of family member. It leads to physical and moral injuries, which destroy any relationships with family and relatives

The statistic is shocking: every fourth woman in the United States of America is a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence may be a typical and regular phenomenon for some particular countries and cultures of the world. However, proper actions should be introduced to prevent the terrible consequences. In order to eliminate this problem we have to determine and explore the main factors that cause domestic violence.

For the purpose of reaching this goal, we have explored related literature (where statistical concepts and methods have been found), specific statistical reports and other sources. According to this analysis of information, the following main factors impacting domestic violence have been pointed out: hereditary factor, alcohol and drug abuse, poverty, sexism and male privilege, psychological problems, etc. We have defined the main five factors impacting domestic violence. The analyzed researches have shown that the strength of connection is quite significant.

Also, we have proved that the different factors of domestic violence can be ranged in the different sequence for the different social groups of people. The lack of money is typical problem for underprivileged people while alcohol and drug abuse are more typical for rich families.

It should be a task of not only a government, but also of NGOs. Maybe it would be reasonable to develop some international policy, since the problem has a global character. In any case such problem cannot be topical for the modern humane society, since it does not characterize us as human beings, but rather like animals. Everyone should do everything possible to eliminate the problem.

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