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People who run a business use technologies in order to spread the information about their products and to increase the profit in this way. Many of them want to make money by providing consumers with harmful products. This research paper proposes four solutions to controlling the negative effects of our commercialized technological culture. It provides the full explanation of why those measures are effective. It highlights the ways through which those solutions should be implemented.  

Keywords: commercialized technological culture, religion, adverts, celebrities, doctors.

Technological Culture

The quick development of the economy and business made the great influence on the development and integration of the technology into life of regular people. Nowadays, almost each type of organization that produces goods or services uses technology as commercial approach to run a business. It is needless to say that private companies began to operate on the market and make huge profits. They provided the society with benefits in almost every aspect of human lives. The commercialization of technology by private companies made a positive effect in terms of providing common people with solutions that made their casual life more productive. On the one hand, it increased the speed with which a given work can be done. On the other hand, it made the negative effect on population in terms of its behavior. Everything that people observe through technology in media they apply in their life. Unfortunately, companies that produce cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy food and other unpleasant or destructive things also use technology for commercial purposes. Crucial measures should be assumed in order to control the negative effects of our commercialized technological cultures. If people want to be on the path of their development, but not the degradation, they should come up with effective solutions in order to prevent private companies from making money on people’s lives.

The option to find solutions to this problem could be developed through the same principles. The private companies use technology in order to impose their own products. The effective way to control negative implications is to create opposite information field of influence within the same framework. In other words, it is necessary to use technology in order to create the effective solutions to this problem. The private companies that provide people with information about their products are coming through the TV adverts. Apparently, a program of special commercials that would distract people from those products should be developed.

In contrast to the companies that produce the unwanted products for a healthy society, it is necessary to create ads that will be directed to highlight the negative side of those products and their harmful effect on human health. The example could be the anti-smoking advert with the main purpose to show how cigarettes affect the human life and how people who tend to smoke for many years are suffering from different diseases. The other example could be drunk driving commercials that have to be aimed at preventing drunk people from driving the car. Those ads should tell about real people and situations in order to show that the danger that comes out of those products is not fictional.    

The practice showed that such types of ads are very effective

“The adverts, which appeared on television, billboards, and on pub beer mats, showed fat dripping out of cigarettes and arteries in a bid to force smokers to link cigarettes with the image of fat in their arteries” (BBC News). Many media campaigns were implemented in order to reduce the harmful effect. The adverts with right message delivery had a positive impact on drivers (Elder, 2004). It is necessary to integrate those ads as much as possible and use any technological sources to outspread information against consumption of disruptive products.     

It is essential to use as more sources as possible and take measures to control the negative effects of commercialized technology culture. It is vital to find approaches that would be able to capture the whole spectrum of human interests. In order to accomplish this task, it is necessary to define what people like most of all and to whom they would listen and trust. It is not a secret that successful companies use famous athletes and celebrities in their ads in order to make their products famous and sell it better. They do it because those people are known to the whole population, and this artfulness enables them to convince the majority of the society to buy any product. Men of distinction serve as role models, which can easily make people consume products that they do not need.

The same approach could be used in the case with controlling the negative influence of technology on society. It is important to involve the athletes who are well known all over the world and proved to have the authority among their fans and people. It is also important to engage those athletes who achieved great results in their careers. Moreover, those role models should adhere to a healthy lifestyle not only for sport purposes, but considering it as a part of the full life. In order to convey this message to all layers of the population, it is important to use celebrities from movies, respectful teachers and wise politicians in the advertisements. People are different, and for some of them the athlete could be the authority while it could be the movie star or politician for others. It is crucial to find those people who not only tell to the whole public about the negative effect of some products that are distributed through the commercialized technologies, but who maintain their life without such products. It is necessary to make people believe in those words that will be supported by real behavior and lifestyle.

Religion is a tool that also could be used in order to solve this problem in some way

Many people believe in God and consider the church as a true authority that would never tell to do the misleading things or something wrong. It would be very effective to integrate religion into this process. Religion is a part of life of different people. Thus, the message that would be sent by religion can be accepted by many people with different interests and life experiences.  

Religion should put all its efforts in order to explain people about the negative effect of some products, making them pay attention to something else. Religion should explain that God created people not for the purpose to satisfy their ‘ego’ and have the dependence from bad habits. Such motivation will probably emphasize the negative effect. It should tell that this world was created for the constant development of people. Under constant development, people should understand the evolvement of their body and soul. It is a very effective tool to distract the people’s attention from the consumption of harmful products. The task of religion is to show that this world is much wider than people used to think. It should reverse human thoughts in the positive direction and distract them from the unnecessary things in their lives. The effectiveness of religion in relation to this case is that people attend church at least one time per week. The church leaders are able to repeat the emphasis of the negative effect of commercialized technology over and over again. The process of repetition would enroot this idea in people’s mind. It would not let this idea go away from their heads. It is also important for religion to explain that people who use technology are just trying to make money on people’s health through the powerful tools, such as the Internet. They do not have another goal except for taking money from naive people. People should clearly understand this message and remember it all the time. People usually rely on words that they hear in church. That is why those words should be used in order to control the negative effect caused by the businessmen.     

The fourth and final solution that would help to deal with this issue is strong words of professionals. People do not tend to believe in everything that they see on television or hear from others. However, almost everyone believes in the opinions expressed by by professionals. In our case, it is essential to provide the opportunity for doctors to speak out about harmful effects of many commercial products publicly. Doctors definitely know the harmful effect of some products on human organisms. It is necessary to provide them with more access to places where there are a large number of people. It could be all types of educational facilities, kindergartens or other places where doctors could provide people with true information. It is important for them to raise the issue about obesity that is a problem on a national scale. They should maintain the idea that everything has to be in moderation, and eating fast food every day could bring a lot of problems to the human health. They should promote the active way of life and constantly draw attention to the fact that it is easy to make harm to the organism, but it is very difficult to return it to the original conditions.   

All these four solutions could make the significant impact on the population’s understanding of this particular issue. It is important to create the necessary information and constantly promulgate its principle aspects. The quantity of information about the negative effects of commercialized products should exceed the information of people who produce them. The opinions against harmful products should be expressed by many famous people and respectful social structures, such as religion or government.

Buy custom Technological Culture essay

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