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The war is an armed confrontation between countries, nations, classes, various social, national, religious and other groups. This is a last tool to resolve the contradictions between them. The nature has created the humanity for peace, not for war. Meanwhile, peace reigned on the earth only for three centuries since the emergence of civilization. All types of wars killed more than 3 billion people. It is interesting that with the increase of the level of civilization there was an increase in number of wars (Ausenda, 1992). The wars could be different, but all of them pose a devastating and destructive force that destroys all aspects of civilization.

The beginning of the war leads to the militarization of any society

The militarization of the society is an inevitable outcome of the war. From two countries with equal numbers and arming win the one that would be better disciplined and obeyed the will of command. Because of the two warring states a better chance of winning will be where all the population converted to a camp. War and military training of the population dramatically change human behaviors. Military situation disaccustoms them from one form of behavior, and teaches to others. It makes them to act in the negative way with incredible fear and anger. Whereas, the peaceful life develops in people a personal initiative, the desire for freedom, respect for others rights and their property. It favors the development of science, art, culture, music and so on. It suppresses the cruel desire in people to rob and kill other people.

The war acts in the oppose directions to the development of the civilization

It not only teaches and requires killing the enemy and destroying his home, but also justifies it.  It cannot permit any personal initiative, if it is not connected with the struggle against the enemy. A soldier does not require reasoning, but only obedience. All military services are intended to make soldier a blind instrument in the hands of the military chief. The war teaches people to slavery, power, dictatorship and absolutism. The war does not only dramatically reduce the total number of people, but also changes its qualitative composition. It takes the lives of the most intelligent, healthy and able-bodied population. It leaves the sick and disabled people. As a result, it leads to a deterioration of the gene pool of the people and society. This is the impact that the war makes on the civilization as a whole. The war also makes the impact on any culture, nation and the country that is the part of civilization. It could bring the harm to the economical position of the country. It could entail the loss of cultural heritage of the nation that was collected for many years. The latest example is the Gulf War. During this war, the Iraqi people lost thousands of priceless artifacts from the National Museum in Bagdad (Puente, 2003). The war could be the cause of hanger, massive unrest, deceleration in the economic development and degradation of the nation. In some cases, it could even lead to the fall of the civilization. From the history, it is known about the fall of Roman Empire that was constantly engaged in wars.

It is difficult to state that the war has a positive effect on civilization

However, the World War I was the reason to start the further development in travels by air. The World War II was the primary reason for the invention of Penicillin that saved many lives (Bud, 2007). Modern society uses many practical things in everyday life that were invented by the military organizations. The sense of war pushed governments of some countries to explore the space. Additionally, people who withdrew against the enemy could unity themselves as never before.     

Despite the fact, that war could have some positive effects on civilization, it is not the point to consider it as the right thing. The war destroys the natural identity of people and brings the chaos on our planet. It negatively effects the development of the civilization.   

Buy custom The Effects of War on Civilization essay

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