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Although he is a lowly student who will struggle to gain an entry-level job, most likely in a small domestic company, he should note that global business consists of a large and growing part of the globe’s total business. Currently, almost all firms, regardless of the size feel the impact of universal activities and competition since most of them sell output to assure suppliers from overseas states and compete against products and services that are universal.

Just like global business encourages company growth, as an individual interested in global business will growth through networking and interaction. The student should consider the manner in which corporations and firms interact and as a result network with each other to attain commercial advantage in global markets. Through global business networking, an individual will utilize similar subcontractors or elements, sharing research and growth costs or performing within the same governmental sphere.

Through studying global business, the student will be in position to move into multinational enterprise from that humble beginning. Such enterprise engages in overseas direct investment that might prove more profitable. As a result, he will invest, control and manage value-added business activities on the global scale. In addition, the student should understand that global business is not only concerned with overseas operations. It also addresses local firms competing and/or collaborating with universal entrants. This implies that through studying global business, the student will be endowed with skill to perform competitively in foreign states in prospective business activities. Since global business deals with issues such as gross national product, which is measured as the total of value-added by resident firms, households, and governments operating in an economy; it would be crucial for the student to get concerned with global business to gain knowledge on how crucial his small beginning adds value to his country.

Buy custom Importance of Global Business essay

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