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SEPHORA is one of the famous cosmetic brands in the world. Recently it opened its the largest flagship store in China. This press release highlights new features of the modern building that was designed for SEPHORA’s store. It reveals the products and other brands that will be sold for Chinese customers. It demonstrates the thoughts of Chris de Lapuente and his expectations from customers in China.  

SEPHORA Opens the Largest Flagship Store in China

SEPHORA is one of the most famous French brands. It is the chain of stores that sale perfume and cosmetic products. SEPHORA was founded in 1969, and in 1997 it was bought by a French holding company Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, one of the largest manufacturers in the world of luxury goods. Today, the brand represents 28 types of products on the world market.

Nowadays, SEPHORA is opening its new facility in China

The location for the store was chosen in one of the crowded districts in Shanghai. Chinese customers make their choice of the future shopping based on the location and size of the store. That is why SEPHORA has decided to open the biggest store in China. There was constructed the modern building with 1,500 square meters of space for sales. There are also other different brands. Among them, seventeen are Asian. In SEPHORA stores are working approximately 2,500 employees in China. Out of this total number, 98 employees are working in just open store. The large Harajuku Lover status are greeting coming from the outside customers. Inside the building, huge media screens translate the advertisements of the new products. The store offers products that were designed especially for Chinese customers. In his interview, Chris de Lapuente, who is the CEO, stated that he is very proud of this new open store. He is convinced that Chinese customers will reflect the success of the brand and it will become a leader on Chinese market. He emphasized that the store will satisfy the Chinese customers with its unique service and high quality of the products.

SEPHORA is operating on Chinese market since 2005. Since that time, the brand opened 133 stores all over the country. It makes its successful sales in 47 towns in China.  

Buy custom SEPHORA Opens the Largest Flagship Store in China essay

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