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Unruliness is an employee’s misconduct that I have experienced before in the organization that I am working for currently. It is a kind of employee misconduct that if not curbed might spread to other employees and affect the firm’s capability of realizing its objectives. The unruliness I witnessed was by a certain employee in the firm that I recently got promoted as the most senior supervisor. I was expected to work hard to meet the targets of the firm. Unfortunately, in my every day working in the organization, I realized that there was a particular employer who was so unruly. I was concerned about the employee’s unruliness and decided to handle the matter myself. I wrote a letter to the employee requesting him to come see me in my office. The employee showed up and I talked to him about his misconduct. The employee defended himself saying that his was not in any way unruly. I warned him of the misconduct and informed him of the organization’s rules that stated that anyone who misbehaved would lose his job. I did not want to inform the management of the employee’s misconduct. I told him to change to avoid costing his job (Beik, 2005).

Unfortunately, the employee did not heed on my advice

The employee’s unruliness could no longer go unnoticed. The management soon realized that there was an employer‘s unruliness. The management could not help but informed him to see him and was given a counseling letter regarding his misconduct. I then personally approached the employee and asked him why he was being unruly. Sadly, he told me that I was the cause of his unruliness. He said that the position I got promoted to have been promised to him before I came by another manager who got transferred. I told him I was not aware of the fact and was sorry that he did not get the promotion. I told him that I got the promotion because the policy of promotion of the firm had changed. Fortunately, he understood what I told him and attended counseling that the administrators had planned to have him attend. I believe the administration handled the matter well (Jacobsen, 2004)

Buy custom Unruliness in Organizations essay

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