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Health care providers have been able to identify a service gap in the provision of health care and have responded appropriately. They deliver nurses and doctors to people who need health care the most, and who might perhaps not get to hospital in time. To do this, they are converting buses and vans into fully equipped medical offices.  Kids are given low cost or free care. These kids are not likely to go for check-ups. In addition, the initiatives to provide mobile health care recognize the fact that healthy, active lives keep children away from illnesses, and that families may lack the necessary finances for medical care. Furthermore, many families cannot pay for insurance due to financial incapacitation. Mobile health care programs are monitored and funded by Children’s Health Fund (CHF), and should be a short-term solution to the gap in provision of health care.

Tommy Shelton suffers from diabetes and Graves’ disease

His body is therefore bound to react when under stress or during exercise. Medication enables his mind to be stable, and thereby maintain his grades. Without medication, he would not do exercises such as running. His body would become weak and unable to function normally.

Mobile health care providers ensure that all kids get the necessary medical attention at the right time. They promote the idea of equality in provision of health care. Through Children’s Health Fund, all kids, irrespective of their families’ social class, are able to access critical health care. Mobile health care providers ensure that there is healthy population. The risks of spread and development of diseases is reduced. Likeliness of disease-related deaths among children is also reduced. In addition, these initiatives reduce the probability of children missing school or dropping their grades. Lastly, the initiatives are able to reach about 9 million kids in America who do not have health insurance.  This helps standardize health care for all children.

Buy custom Mobile Health Care essay

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