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Continuum of care implies an organized series of health care services from the most basic to the most complex. Effective continuum helps achieve the delivery of optimal heath care to patients in all geographic locations. Geographic location is one of the many factors that influence health care delivery, for instance, the quality of service offered to patients in a metropolitan city may not be the same with that offered in a rural area. This is because, the distance one has to travel to find medical care and the availability of a health care provider differs in these two geographical locations. People living in metropolitan areas have easy access to medical care as in these areas there exists a balanced proportion of superior health care providers (Larson, Machlin, Nixon, & Zodet, 2004).

Understanding the U.S. Health Services System indicates that, in urban areas there exist procedures and stages that are taken to improve the delivery of health care services to all dwellers irrespective of their race, age, culture or religion. This is different from rural healthcare facilities that have uneven low-quality health care providers, and that discriminate patients based on their race, religion and cultural backgrounds (Barton, 2009). Moreover, people living in urban areas are associated with high incomes which enable them to access up-to standard healthcare unlike the rural residents who are poor hence hardly have access to quality health services.

Understanding the U.S. Health Services Systems describes the organization and ways in which the system is financed. It outlines the challenges encountered in the healthcare system and ways of preventing them. In addition, the text indicates sources of finance for healthcare services from private insurers as well as public health insurers through the reimbursement of funds to healthcare providers (Barton, 2009). GRMC as a healthcare provider fulfills most settings presented by the text, that is, they are dedicated to providing excellent care in a friendly clinic atmosphere and offering all-inclusive healthcare services.

Other than geographical location, personal circumstances like funds, race, beliefs, culture, language barrier (those not conversant with English may not understand instructions from a healthcare provider), and gender influence the delivery of services along the continuum of care.

Buy custom Understanding the U.S. Health Services System essay

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