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Marrissa Mayer is a strong business woman, who was born on May 30th 1975, now aged 38. She is a citizen of the United States of America, married to Zachary Bogue, a venture capitalist and is blessed with a son. Mayer was born in Wausau, Wisconsin to an art teacher and an engineer. In her early years, Mayer showed high interest for Science and Math to the point that she used to memorize prices of several items in a grocery store where she used to work. Memorising the prices of these items made it easy for her to rationalize the till process.  It was during her time at Stanford University when she began to develop an interest in computers. Mayer then received her Bachelor of Science degree in symbolic systems at the University. She later pursued her Master of Science degree in computer science with specialization in artificial intelligence (Elander n.p.).

With regard to her professional experience, Mayer has worked with several companies including Google, which was her fourteenth job, and currently Yahoo. She started working with Google Inc in 1999 and she was ranked there as the first female engineer and as the twentieth employee in the company overall. She was responsible for location services, Street View and Google’s mapping commodities. She later joined Yahoo in July 2012, where she was appointed as a CEO and the president of the company. Her decision to leave greatly affected Google and the world at large, since the company did not expect that from her (Taylor).

Marrissa Mayer is bestowed with her unique leadership skills that have helped her succeed

While speaking in a summit comprising of a team of the most powerful and talented women she said, “It’s totally fine to fail, you just have to fail first” (Barnett). She emphasized that a person needs to try an idea first and not to be scared to fail for anyone to succeed. Talent Recognizes Talent was another skill she used. At her former job, she had a leadership program named APM (Associate Product Manager). It focused on young and talented engineers who were taken to rooms referred to as engineer incubators. Mayer had technical skills that helped in her career and she could perform above average. In college she focused on artificial brainpower and got her Bachelor’s degree in that field. Her experience in the field of technology was beyond average. Mayer also had fundamental skills, which include self-confidence, integrity, sociability, determination and intelligence. To explain just a few, Mayer had self-confidence and determination to reject ideas, accomplish pitching ideas, conduct meetings with well-known business men and come up with new brilliant ideas (Kramer).

Furthermore, Mayer used some leadership methods that guaranteed her success

First, when she was working at Google Inc she implemented an open-door policy. After four o’clock in the evening she was always still in the office and not going home.  Employees could write down their names in order to be allocated time and day to meet her in person for any question they had. This policy encouraged many ideas, where some ideas were used for investment and the ones that did not reach the standard were politely declined (Pak).

As the CEO of Yahoo, Mayer is pursuing an opportunity to build structural and human intricacy. She is evaluating the organization and concentrating on the influence of alignment. By doing this, she is seeking to craft an environment within the building whereby each and every component of the company meets and shares ideas that will eventually bring change. What she is trying to do is create a culture of innovation and change (Guthrie).

If she succeeds in doing this, Mayer may just succeed in making a structural change in an organisation weighed down by declining stock values, redundancies and slowing advertisement returns. Yahoo has hired four CEOs in the last five years with Mayer being the fifth. She has many tasks ahead, which include bringing the company to a limelight.

Buy custom Biography of Marrissa Mayer essay

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