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The issues of space explorations as well as search of new evidence which will prove existence of life elsewhere beyond the Earth are not the newest ones. Moreover, these issues are today highly debated, criticized and supported both by scientists and public. Some of them affirm that the US government just wastes huge sums of money of tax payers while financing space exploration programs. At the same time the others suggest that researching of unknown and giving answers to the questions which have always been thrilling to human beings are not estimated and therefore deserve any money spent for it. In my opinion, the question whether to continue increasing of financing of researches aimed at proving existence of life beyond Earth or whether to cut lies somewhere in the middle. As any branch of science space explorations should receive monetary support from the government, particularly taking into consideration its value for human, but the sums of money should be decreased.

A lot of scientists, philosophers and astronomers appealed to issue of possibility of life existence beyond the Earth. For example, representatives of mechanistic philosophy in ancient times supposed that the universe consists of indefinite number of different atoms, which are contained in different bodies and may exist in different combinations, so that these atoms may spread elsewhere in the universe (Nitti, 2008). Such were the first theories as to extraterrestrial life. Today from time to time some new pieces of information regarding it arise in press and scientific articles but so far the possibility of life existence on other planets or stars has not been proved.

At the same time such space explorations are highly beneficial at a first sight

They satisfy human needs in discovering and explanation of previously unknown theories. Its scientific value cannot be overwhelmed. Knowledge acquired during space explorations may be used in the future for creating or improving the technologies, products etc. For example, space explorations discovered ozone holes in the atmosphere and its influence on inhabitants of Earth. As a result of it, people began to protect themselves from direct solar radiation and use newly introduced medicine. Moreover, space explorations help to understand peculiarities of Earth process and to explain some facts in its history of development.

Searching for life existence is also considered to be a way of rescue of Earth inhabitants, since there are a lot of ecological and economic problems which portend destruction of Earth in the nearest future. The problem of climate changes, global warming, overpopulation and the problem of shortage of resources force people to find a new and better place for living. In addition, space exploration is considered to be a great industry which provides working places for millions of people and decreasing of its financing may lead to rise of unemployment rate and new economic crises.

However, I dare to say that all the arguments are not sufficient to justify the spending of such large sums of money on space exploration and search of life on the other planets in particular. Many scholars and representatives of public claim that proving of life existence beyond Earth is a great race or competition between USA, Russian Federation and China, which are ready to spend as much as possible in order to get evidence of it. In 2011 $18.485 billion were spent by NASA for space explorations (Berger, 2011). In my opinion, it is pointless and not worth money of tax payers spent for it.

So far the proves of life existence are weak enough

There is a row of circumstances which can ensure life existence. The planet or star should be the same size as Earth in order to have enough time for cooling. In addition, it must be situated at the safe distance from the Sun, which solar radiation provides possibility of life existence and, at the same time, be distant enough in order to guarantee that everything will not be burned by it. Finally, a thousand of years should pass before the process of evolution from the simplest life forms to mammals will take place.

Moreover, searches of life are very dangerous for human beings. Technological or other scientific mistakes, made during consideration and calculation, may lead to deaths of people or even to the ecological disasters, pollution of atmosphere and other unexpected outcomes. In my opinion, we should care more about those problems which already exist on the Earth and try to solve them. It seems to be more rational than just looking for something that may not exist at all. Earth must be cleaned from its pollution and uncontrolled use of resources. We should care more about those who are near to you than look for someone in the universe. Thousands of people die every day from a lot of different diseases. It is better to improve life conditions of people who live right now on the Earth and it in its turn will contribute to new generations and they will not seek for better place of life. Earth will be such a place for them.

Summing it all up, it should be inferred that of course as a branch of science space explorations are to be developed in future, but taking into consideration urgent problems of the Earth and USA in particular, the government should pay more attention to resolving of problems which already exist and to direct main streams of money to them.

Buy custom Life Beyond Earth essay

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