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Operational Definitions

Sleep deprivation causes dangerous driving

If we consider the above hypothesis, we can operationalize ‘sleep deprivation’ by saying it is occasioned by less than six hours of sleep. We can measure how several individuals who have had unequal hours of sleep perform in driving tests.
Review the sections on “The Scientific Method” and “Proving a Theory.”
The claim that the experience of being abducted is beamed into the minds of abducted by an intelligent being in the universe is ineffective. It does not have an operational definition. It cannot therefore be proved scientifically. To be effective and supportable, measurable characteristics should be added to the claim.


I believed a stranger who commented on a shirt I had been wearing. I was in high school and on this particular day, I wore a shirt that had some writing. He said that it was too wild and that it portrayed a deviant person. Earlier on that day, a close friend had hinted the same but I had ignored him. I chose to believe the stranger. If this would happen again, I would trust my friend.

TuQuoque Fallacies

In high school, we skipped several classes and set on a trip to Las Vegas. I was against the idea at first but my friends sneaked into our house and packed some clothes in my absence. I was surprised to see them at school, with my case. My school principal called me into his office. I thought that blaming them would legitimize my behavior in some way, though I had not wholly rejected the idea while they introduced it first. If this was to happen again, I would take responsibility.

Who Do You Ask What?

For the problem of getting enough alumni to attend annual meetings, I would ask several questions; what is the ideal number of alumni that should attend the meetings? What methods of communication have been used? How has the significance of elections been emphasized in the past? If I need more information, I would get it from the president’s direct assistants. They would provide records of written invitations and the list of the invitees. I would also contact some of past alumni and ask the above questions plus those deemed to be helpful in solving the problem.

Slowest Horse 

To determine who has the slowest horse, we can count the number of times the horse has come last in, for instance, six races. If a tie occurs, six more races would be organized. This would solve the problem since there would be evidence of numbers. I have been involved in a dilemma where I had to choose whether I should take a bus or taxi to downtown. I was convinced that both the bus and the taxi had the same speed. My fellow student’s dilemma’s is evaluating whether he performs well in written or oral tests. Another student’s dilemma is determining what kinds of foods are making her add more weight, quickly. The best possible solution is to the first dilemma is to have several tests conducted by two or three impartial people. The second dilemma can be solved by avoiding certain foods for a particular period of time while taking occasional weight measurements.

Quality Thinking

One factor for evaluating the quality of my thinking would be to access the outcomes. For example, I would determine any high priority things I may have neglected. Evaluation of critical thinking would help me prioritize more significant issues in my life. It would difficult to evaluate other people’s thinking since they may not give accurate information on how they value outcomes. Furthermore, other people may not precisely know or say what they value the least.

Saddling Up

I have been putting off a decision whether I should settle in New York or Los Angeles after college. Most of my family and friends are in the two cities. My parents want to relocate to Pasedina in California. My sister, brother, cousins, several aunties and uncles live in New York. Choosing the people I want to be close to is delaying my decision. I do not need more information to decide. If I choose to live in California, I will not often see relatives who live in New York. If I choose to live in New York, I will not see my parents severally. If I delay to make a decision, I will not inform them in advance. If I do not decide, I may surprise them. Deciding will save an awkward situation. An internal monologue may not help the situation. It would help if I talked to my parents and other relatives about this. Some students think that I should make my own decision alone. Others say that consulting is important. I think if internal monologue has not helped people make a decision, they should consult parties involved.

Make It Real

I have learnt several skills on proving the truth in statements. I have also learnt that critical evaluation and asking questions in order to get or recall more information is important in understanding people and the universe in general. These skills will help me avoid making assumptions. They will help me analyze situations well.

Buy custom Operational Definitions essay

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