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The thesis in the poem Since Feeling is First states that readers should never allow their experiences to be hampered by reason and rationality. Through the use of appropriate imagery, tone and time literal events, the poet is able to make his point clear that emotion, which define people’s experiences in life, should never be controlled. This paper will consider how the poet has used various aspects of poetry such as imagery, tone and literal events to advance the thesis that readers should not allow their experiences to be controlled by reason and rationality.


To begin with, the poet has used striking imagery to advance the subject matter. In rejecting the application of reason and rationality to human experience, the poet says: “my blood approves” (line 7). The image created here is that emotions are too deep to be controlled or subjected to the power of reasoning. This is because it runs in an individual’s blood, and, therefore, should not be interfered with.

The poet uses yet another image to advance the thesis: “lady, I swear by all flowers.” (line 10). The implication here is that emotions that shape human experiences are delicate, just like the flowers. Consequently, no one should interfere with them because they will get spoiled. Flowers are usually left on their own to flourish. Similarly, people should let important emotions in their lives to flourish without interference.

Buy custom My Feeling essay

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