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What were the differences between management styles of control leadership and team unity as applied by Captain Bligh?
Actually, there were differences in the behavior and management styles in these two cases. The first style, control leadership, was motivated by the internal factors. Captain Bligh wanted to show everyone his organizational skills and power, which were irrelevant. In the second case, everyone in the team had to do some work to achieve their real aim. Without team spirit and external factors, which motivated every person, their unity would have no priority – it would also cause the disaster.

What were the conditional factors that drove him to apply the different strategies at different times?

The first conditional factor was that in the first case, he felt himself in complete safe, but in the second case, his life was in danger. This is actually the most important item in the changes of his leadership style. Social prejudice played an important role as every person in this life wants to be a leader among the other people. But not all the societies desire to have particular leaders, as was shown in the first case by Captain Bligh.

Analyze how your conclusions can be applied to a sports administration setting?

When taking into consideration a sport administration setting, we should admit that team spirit and effective management style may easily achieve its goals. Team motivation plays an important part. With its help, every person feels himself needed and does all his best to reach the aim because the aim of the whole team is his own aim. He realizes, especially in team kinds of sport, that the leader of the team wants everyone to become the whole part of the structure. By doing something by yourself, you will reach nothing. 

Buy custom Control Leadership and Team Unity essay

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