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In 2005, a project dubbed AgriNova was launched in India

AgriNova was a project set up to create an awareness of available market opportunities and their prices among farmers. The companies behind this venture included the likes of Emerging Markets, Offering Leader and DeepaBachu among others. All these companies were working in close association with Intuit Inc. This was a company set up in 1983 to provide financial management solutions to other companies and entities. The company set up a branch Intuit India whose task was to explore and exploit the available market opportunities in India. After a thorough market research and study, the company saw opportunities for growth in the agricultural sector. This led to the surfacing of AgriNova, an idea that was created to enable farmers obtain comprehensive data from agents conveniently through short message services (SMS).

Intuit, the brains behind AgriNova was started in 1983 by Scott Cook who was inspired by his wife to start the first product of the company named Quicken. This was soon to be followed by other products in quick succession, including Quickbooks. The company spread its wings and was soon engaging in online banking, income tax and payroll services for its clients. By 2008, the company had amassed a significant amount of assets and was making massive profits.

Driven by its long held policy of ensuring customer satisfaction, the company constituted a team to brainstorm and advice on the market opportunities in India. The study which was conducted extensively delved into trends of agricultural products purchase and marketing, the supply chain, the methods used for the transaction among other relevant details to come up with a strategy. Various set backs met by the farmers such as lack of a ready market and perishable products were put into consideration in order to come up with a solution. Out of these studies, the members of the team tasked with this duty were able to pinpoint and thereby come up with ways of improving the livelihoods of farmers. This is how the AgriNova idea came to take effect. Through it, farmers would be able to have a constant and convenient way of obtaining and disseminating information about market trends. However, with eminent controversial questions raring their heads, the project was still some time away from taking off.

Buy custom Project Intuit AgriNova essay

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