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Teamwork is an attempt of people to work as one mechanism in order to achieve common goals. Each team could face conflict that may cause constructive or destructive results. This essay tells about main principles of teamwork. It indicates its advantages and disadvantages. The paper provides the explanation of a term conflict and demonstrates its reasons and solutions.   

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Teamwork and Conflict

Teamwork represents an independent thinking of employees that included in team and the involvement of employees in overall work to achieve common goals that are assigned to a team. The combined expertise of the group should ensure meeting the goals and objectives that define the range of the powers conferred on a team. A team may consist of one or different levels of employees and departments of the company. While working in a team, all members have equal rights and carry out the goals and objectives that included in team’s responsibilities. In order to work in a team, there is no matter what a position an employee has at the company. As part of the team, all members have the same position.

The teamwork has certain rules and regulations

Each team member must direct their forces, knowledge and ability to achieve the set of goals for a team. Each team member is required to freely express their thoughts on the problem without regard to the obligations that bind him or her to the head of the main job. If a person is willing to work in a team he or she has to accept the decision of the majority, even if the decision is contrary to his or her own ideas. Each team member must treat all participants as equal partners and try to establish good business relations with them. As a whole, the team is responsible for everything that it does and does not do. A team leader is responsible for the work in the same way as any ordinary member of the team. The advantages of the teamwork are: it is possible to solve problem that could not be accomplish by a single man; it decreases the risk of making the wrong decision; it enhances the readiness and ability of managers; the company comes up with the ideas that would not arise in the normal course of an organization work. The main disadvantage is that teamwork could require additional time and extra work for employees who have their main responsibilities out of a team.  

Conflict is a situation in which each party seeks to take an opposite position to the other side. It is an interaction of individuals, groups, associations, which occurs due to the incompatible views and interests. In business environment, the conflict could usually occur in teamwork. In a team which consists of effective employees could naturally appear some contradiction things such as cooperation and competition, trust and suspicion. However, conflict could have both destructive and constructive functions. Conflict in a team helps eliminate useless efforts and makes people laid out in full power. During the conflict, employees tend to speak out their ideas and they are more involved in discussion. Conflict could generate a team cohesiveness and growth of each personality of a team.  

On the other hand, conflict can bring many problems while working in team

It happens when one member of a team has negative feelings to other individuals. These feelings could often be personal rather than related to a team issue. It could divide a team to two or three small groups with different positions. In such a way, the attention will be turned away from the main point. It prevents a team from reaching a primary goal. The reasons of any conflict are based on values, perceptions, expectations, resources, attitudes or personalities. People just can have different believes and views about these things. In general, many conflicts occur during the stage of team development. The conflict can be resolve only after complete understanding of its cause by a team. There are several methods that helps to deal with conflict such as compromise, accommodation, collaboration, avoidance and competition. It should be decided by the team of which approach would be effective in the particular situation. The successful solution may move a team forward. The failure to manage conflict may move it back. 

Buy custom Teamwork and Conflict essay

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