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Leadership is a topic that has been a part of almost every researcher’s work

Many of them try to find out what exactly leadership is. Northouse is no different. He is a scholar who is very interested in studying and taking leadership a notch higher. Everyone of us desires to be a leader at some point in life. It might be being a prefect in class, a choirmaster or even a group leader. Therefore, it would be good if everybody understood in details what leadership entails. In that case, people would be more effective leaders. Leaders are needed everywhere in the society. A society without leaders would have no sense of direction. Everybody would have his own place in the society. The result would be a haywire society that has no sense of development and togetherness. This paper aims to discuss the importance of understanding leadership.

In chapter one of his book

Northouse tries to help his readers understand who a leader is. He looks at this issue of leadership from different angles and says that leadership may be a trait, a relationship (Northouse, P.5), a skill, ability or even an influencing capability. We can infer from Northouse that leadership is not a particular thing that can be spotted in each and every person. Leadership is relative to an individual in that some people are leaders since they are sociable, others are leaders because they have the ability to make decisions, and yet some are leaders since they have the ability to encourage people to do something. Northouse also states clearly that the kind of leadership to apply depends on the situation (Northouse, P.3). It is true as the leadership of a country is completely different from the leadership of a church. This is the reason why different countries of the world adopt different styles of leadership. We, as the society, should not therefore copy leadership styles from elsewhere and expect them to work. We should strive to come up with leadership styles that favor our situations not necessarily those that we have heard of their success elsewhere.

Some traits are desirable in a leader

In chapter two, Northouse enlightens us on some of these traits. The very first trait is charisma, a special capacity that enables people to do extraordinary things. Other traits include intelligence, confidence, and determination (Northouse, P.17). The aforementioned traits are salient in leadership. A leader must have confidence and be able to talk and convince his followers. Intelligence is important as it enables the leader to make the right decisions that will be best for his or her followers. Some of these traits are inherent. Luckily, they can also be developed once a person is exposed to the right environment.

The traits to apply in leadership depend on the situation

If I were to work in a bank, I would need to be confident, intelligent, and a person of integrity. Through this way, I would be able to instill a sense of discipline in the employees, and they would strive to do their best all the time. Due to integrity, many of them would shun laxity, and no one would have the urge to steal or be involved in plans to pilfer from the bank. However, if I were to lead a country, may be in a presidential capacity, I would need to be charismatic. That way, I would have magnetic charm and appeal; I would be able to make people do what is right (Northouse, P.10). I would also be required to be a decisive person capable of making the right decisions for the country.

We can therefore conclude that leadership is a complex aspect of the society

Everyone of us has the ability to be a leader, only the situation differs. It is our obligation to nature the leadership traits and acquire those that we do not have. In addition, leadership is a continuous process, and one has to keep interacting with the right people and participating in leadership workshops. Through such avenues, a person will be able to take his or her leadership traits to higher level. Otherwise, the leadership qualities in a person could become obsolete.

Buy custom Understanding Leadership essay

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