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"Anything is possible if you just believe in yourself", "You can do anything you set your mind to", “You can all just wish that” how often do we hear these phrases from people around us? What does it mean to each of us and why do we say it to each other? How much do these phrases affect human lives? Or are they just meaningless words? Some argue that the power of our mind, our brain power is unlimited and to get something we want we just have to wish it. Possible answers to these questions will be found in the works of such authors as G.K. Chesterton, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Virginia Woolf.

Genuine emotions bordering on despair summoned by the hero works of Chesterton "The Extraordinary Cabman" communion with the strange cabman. It is a very strange case when an adult with a healthy psyche suddenly finds that he cannot counter the arguments of the strange cabman. Strange cabman’s client was just probably confused, because this could happen to anyone. However, if remember that, so often heard in our time phrase "Anything is possible if you just believe in yourself" it can be assumed that the strange cabman is the man who really believes in himself. It was like a cabman persuaded passenger by that route in which they allegedly drove have excellent example of how hard cabman believed what he said. “I do not know whether I was right in fancying that although his face had seemed so honest…” (Chesterton and Griffin). Chesterton raised the question of what reality is and what is real? Those words that were spoken by the cabman were lie to someone, and reality for someone else. (Chesterton as an Essayist)

Another incredible event of the power of human consciousness, the great self-belief and strength of mind, was shown in the work “Mami's Mambo” by Judith Ortiz Cofer. Of course, many skeptics will say that this all just mental disorders of the elderly woman, but it is easier to hide behind this definition than to try to suggest something else. It is a fact that she overcame the bonds of her age and her accompanying diseases and ailments. Nothing is worth more than this day (EAPLS Representatives). “You can do anything you set your mind to” and Mrs. Pena set her mind to dance. The strength of her desire to dance was so great that everything else was irrelevant. “Her concentration on the movements is complete, her eyes are closed, her mouth slightly open. She looks like a saint in ecstasy or a woman in love” (Cofer, Judith Ortiz). Who knows is it the triumph of the power of human consciousness or “significant brain damage”? (Cofer, Judith Ortiz)

War is a horrible word but much more horrible is  action of extermination of own kind

The war not only in a physical sense, but also the war of thoughts was showed in the work of Virginia Woolf “Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid”. “Mental fight means thinking against the current, not with it” it seems that the mental fight has greater value. (Woolf, Virginia). Absolutely clear that the war was over, not only due to physical efforts of people but also by the power of thought of the people who supported their liberators and soul wanted peace. It again confirms the phrase “You can all just wish that”. And many people wanted, wanted victory, wanted end of the war, wanted the peace, and wished their loved ones came back home.

Certainly such statements as "Anything is possible if you just believe in yourself", "You can do anything you set your mind to" emerged for the simple reason that they are true. Belief in yourself and your own power is the main instrument for achieving goals. Every person has great power, the power of thought and the power of faith in oneself, it is important to learn how to use and manage that power. Extraordinary Cabman and Mrs. Pena confirmed it in full. Each of us should think about what force we have and what power we should have to achieve that purpose. Of course it will be deeds full of kindness and generosity. “If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for one who believes” (Mark 9:23)

Buy custom Anything is Possible if You just Believe in Yourself essay

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