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Capital punishment (also called the death penalty) is the most severe way to punish a guilty person in the United States of America. The Supreme Court of America passed this sentence in 1909 for the first time, and since then it has become very popular way of punishment not only in this particular country but all over the world (Steiker, 2010).  In the legislation of the US there is a so-called Kennedy v. Louisiana, 554 U.S. 407 (2008) that contains in itself prohibition to bring life sentence (Kennedy v. Louisiana, 2005). From that period of time the life sentence could be passed only when a very serious crime took place.

According to any religion, the life of a person is the most valuable thing in this world

Nowadays this very aspect splits the population of the United States into two groups: one of them are for the death penalty and suggest that only such a sentence can solve the problem of crimes in our world. Other people think that death penalty is not the way to amend a criminal defendant. Today some states in the USA put the sentence of capital punishment for such crimes that are not connected with murder – for example, kidnapping or rape of a child.

When it is necessary to find a question if a capital punishment should be used in any case it must be evaluated from several points of view. To start with, it should be legal and do not break the law system of the United States of America. Moreover, it should associated with morality and philosophy of the country, and, of course, be passed after scrutinized analysis of the case (Schmalleger, 2011). Life sentence is nowadays the way to punish a person when he commits a very serious crime – a murder, in other cases it cannot be appropriate.

The question of morality is the most important, because the humanity must do its best to reach the ideal life conditions. That is why this question is the topical issue. Capital punishment was sometimes passed for unguilty people, and this particular problem made the government seriously look over this way of so-called punishment. When life sentence is imposed, it must take into account such issues as the questions of legality, morality and even emotion based on public opinion. If it does not, the life sentence is considered to be an action without legal reasoning.

Buy custom Capital Punishment essay

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