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How do I really know that the world, God or the Good, and even Math exist independent of my mind? If someone asked this question, be sure that that person is thinking. So, if we are thinking, then we are alive and therefore we really exist. What proves the words of Descartes:  “I am thinking, therefore I exist.” (Descartes, 2008) I deeply believe that everything in this world is logical and explanatory. Maybe in the past centuries people thought that life exists only where they are located, but not it is now quite like that. However, nowadays the latest technology can ensure that life still goes in the whole planet. Take a look at webcams in internet. It would be wrong to think that if I die life on the planet will stops. The whole world is full of beautiful things like nature, people, stars that can prove to us that the higher forces exactly exist, and they are amazing. I believe in Descartes thoughts of perfection. People can be perfect if they will try to live right and use the maxims of morality, which helps to achieve happiness.

Continuing the theme of existence and choices, I want to recall several films as “Mr. Nobody” and “The Matrix”. Main heroes of those stories are Nemo Nobody and Thomas Anderson. Both of them are like the example of ordinary modern human, whom one day decided to know the philosophy of choice. First hero Nemo after his parent’s divorce opened his eyes and understands that he is staying before the biggest choice in life: to stay with mother or father. As the film shows us, from this choice the life of Nemo has changed.  Having chosen mom, Nemo would live in wealth, than will found true love and would have lived with her till he dies. Having chosen father, he would live in poverty. By the end of his days, he will work on a same place and will meet the woman, who eventually betrays him. Main character realizes the fact that his next elections in life create new ways. He argues that we are managing own destinies. The same thought has the hero of another film, whose name is Neo. However, his opinion changed after talking with Morfius. Choosing his way in the form of tablets, he saw another side of life. According the philosophy of this film everything depends, not from people choices, but from their thoughts. When a person changes life, then it changes the thinking.  Majority of people live in a world of evil just because they surround themselves by wicked thoughts. Only wise people will manage their thinking and get what they really want. However, nowadays I would not call it as Descartes say “illusion becomes reality”, "but rather would say that self-control and purposefulness will help to dreams come true.

In analyzing responses of my classmates, we can find some interesting thoughts to the Descartes theory. For example, Richard Delisle in his response told that he is afraid of thought where human existence may be based upon nothing and be perfect in the same time. He agrees and disagrees with the idea of Descartes. He believes that everything in the world can not be perfect. In this case, everything would be the same. Nevertheless, there are a lot of beautiful and almost ideal things rightly so.

Mathew Mistal agrees with opinion that all depends on us and people motives in life

However, it seems a strange to call these simple things as Descartes calls the "illusion", "world of hallucinations", “self-suggestion”. We can not always trust self senses because we are not perfect as Earth Creator is. We must doubt everything to build own foundations based on absolute certain principals. Of course, it is interesting to know God and mathematical theory to explain the world. However, more important is that we are alive now and can breath, move and think. This is an individual thing to believe in it or not. The main thing is that we are living, and no one will deny that somebody was coined us.

The most interesting response was written by Phuntsok Dorjee

He claims that people are nothing more than a grain of sand in the beach. We are poor in mind if realize that if we will not exist, the world stops turning. Also concurs with the idea that if people will close their eyes and imagine a fire, they will enjoy that fact that became warmer. Therefore with the theory of Descartes he agrees.

Phuntsok also emphasizes that evil genius will not come into the life game if we will look at God, who is a perfect thing would not create any confusion or faults.

Buy custom Descartes Meditation essay

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