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Native New York writer Bernard Lefkowitz is famous probably by book “Our Guys: The Glen Ridge Rape and the Secret Life of the Perfect Suburb”. This is probably one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. Take only the name which makes it interesting for every teenager. However, it is not so childish because contains many pressing issues that concern contemporary youth and adults. Many researchers believe that a book it is socially relevant. These thoughts are not wrong because the author gives a lot of social problems, which include gender socialization, collective behavior, religious and educational questions. For the analysis of this book and events in it, we need to imagine exactly the picture that unfolds inside (Andersen 157).

In Glen Ridge, located in the state of New Jersey in 1989 happens a heinous crime

A group of young boys raped a girl. The author tries not to call the real name of the victim. At first glance, the book shows the classic story, but the events evoke the reader a real fear. The problem highlighted in the book can relate to all of us. The main characters of the book are the young male students. All of them are from different kinds of families, but the thoughts and views on life they have the same. Many of these young people have been problematic since high school. It was kind of golden youth, which was revered only by the status of their parents. All of them are hung on the board of honor as the best students. Secured all necessary in life, they did not think of other people that surrounded them. Young men allow themselves to get all the best things paraded before all their material wealth. This provoked different reactions in others. Some contemporaries considered it a great honor to be around such people, and vice versa others avoided them aside. Every girl was in love with those athletic guys. Fox example, like the author wrote that Glen Ridge kids were pure gold, every mother's dream, every father's pride. They were not only Glen Ridge's finest, but in their perfection they belonged to all of them. “They were always: Our Guys” (Lefkowitz 112). Nobody could think that such wonderful people might one day make such a bad thing.

The attack happened March 1, 1989

The victim left the house in the afternoon to go play basketball in Cartaret Park. When she came to the park, many school athletes were there, some just watched the game, and someone was just because of the company. Chris Archer approached her and asked her to go down to the basement “Scherzers" for the party. After initial refusal, she agreed when Chris told her that his brother, Paul (who she was in love with) will date her. Chris put his hand on the victim and took her to the basement. When they got to the basement, 12 boys from the park were there (13, including Chris). After some conversation, Bryant Grober removed his pants and underpants and asked to undress victim itself. Some of the audience left the room. In the premises were seven guys who without hesitation began raping innocent victim. At some point during the rape, Kyle Scherzer passively assumes that they need to stop. The behavior of the victim was quite strange because she did not resist. It seems that she did everything right because she did not want to die. However she worried that they will not like sex with her. After crime, young victim really believed that it is impossible to tell anyone about this story because guys will have a bad reputation. What motivated the young girl thinking in this line? Of course, this horror happens again.

In book sharply raised the themes of gender socialization of society, namely sexual harassment and violation of privacy rights through indecent acts. Gender socialization in its turn comprises two interrelated parts, like the mastering male and female behavior, values and stereotypes. Young people lived in the environment, which showed them that life is easy and permitted to do whatever they want. Parents did not show them a model of correct behavior in society which leads to disastrous consequences (Muuss 423). Parental behavior is the first social circle in which a child learns to live. With this knowledge’s child will go to friends and create with them a new kind of social group. All information related to the differentiated behavior is reflected in human consciousness in the form of gender schemas. If not promptly show people what is right and what is not, they will absorb their personal standards on which afterwards will be difficult to influence. It happened with the protagonists of the book. The main heroine in turn also had psychological disorders. She acted inadequately after the first rape. This can only mean that she was not only scared but afraid disapproving opinions of others. Although it may be the extent of his upbringing she thought that it should have happened, and nothing wrong were there. Also on youth in this school influenced also factor of parenting teachers. They allowed the boys rise above over girls. Girls feel their rights suppressed and may so behave was very quiet. Probably because of that the victim has allowed herself to rape.

This book should be read by all, including residents of small towns, the parents of mentally retarded children, teachers and law enforcement officers. After all, the book teaches primarily older people think about raising children, showing a real example of socially degraded young people. They can cultivate the younger generation respect for each other, correct social behavior and religious upbringing. It must be remembered that the world begins in your home. We can begin to change the world from ourselves.

Buy custom Our Guys Bernard Lefkowitz essay

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