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Each one of us has faced a lot of changes in life and one must become accustomed to them, as those changes symbolize perspective which leads to a person’s growth both individually and professionally.

The list of life circumstances which force people to change includes: business and leisure trips, changing place of residence, place of work or studying, and sometimes even changing a country. All of those changes make people alter their lifestyle. But that does not mean that someone is automatically prepared to face these changed roles or situations. Some may find that a change enhances their lives, while for others it may come as a complete shock especially if it involves moving into an entirely new country.

Today people are living in a world where globalization has become an important aspect

So it is not uncommon that one has to make worldwide trips to different countries, including exotic and novel places. These trips or moving into a new country has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although one has to bear the pain of getting accustomed to a different environment, this also makes an individual more enlightened and adds more experience to one’s life.

In spite of the characteristics mentioned earlier, there is an issue that is crucial to take into consideration, which is a cultural shock. Cultural shock can be defined as a reaction to a new experience which comprises of anxiety that individuals go through when they reach their destination to any unfamiliar country. The individual is bound to face many tough issues and he/she must get accustomed to them. These include matters like language, food or lifestyle. Such new rituals soon will influence the person’s behavior. For example when people from Latin America travel to Asia, let’s say to China, they find that Chinese people have dissimilar traditions and rituals in numerous aspects including religious and political practices, not to forget food! This diversity of issues will surely influence the person from Latin America and he/she will definitely experience the feeling of a total cultural shock.

In conclusion I would like to say that in my opinion, traveling to places of different culture could be a magnificent chance for anyone to benefit from. However, one must do his/her part of research about the culture he/she has to settle in beforehand to avoid a complete cultural shock upon arrival.

Buy custom Cultural Shock essay

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