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In Varieties of Sociology Gorge E. Vincent informs about different tasks of sociology

He states that sociology has many branches and there is more than one definition of the science. The term “sociology” has several meanings and serves few goals in modern life. Sociology is the science that surrounds all aspects of the society. There are many social philosophies. Their variety depends on the number of points of view. There are individualism, collectivistic, materialistic, idealistic and others social philosophies. The existence of different religions serves as a source for Christian, Catholic and Mohammedan sociology. Subsequently, it is necessary to admit that sociology is a philosophy. However, it is more than just philosophy of history. It is the science in its incipient stage. Different experts view sociology from different perspectives, calling it “general”, “pure” or “fundamental” science. Nevertheless, it is an interesting fact for consideration.

Sociology is the science which constantly develops

All experts agree that sociology is a product of physical forces and takes its place in an evolutionary process. Such conclusion about sociology as the ongoing process is always referred to. It is proved that individuals during their personal growth acquire the same features as the community they live in. The leaders provide new ideas for the rest of the individuals and struggle for the dominance. This process is put within the body of customs and institutions. When the group is informed about the main ideas and goals, it means that the social awareness is being developed. Sociologists have many reasons to believe that sociology deserves a decent place among other sciences. The research that was conducted among different institutions has proved this statement. Consequently, it is important for young sociologists to have fewer concerns about the definition of the science and concentrate their efforts on achieving fruitful results in the discipline.

Buy custom Definition of Sociology essay

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