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What Types of Evidence are Valid?

According to Haraway, feminist perspective objects the use of science as a method of knowing despite the fact that the society is largely science-bound with a tendency to reject singular perspective validity. The writer argues that a listener needs to have knowledge and be able to envision the likely consequences of decisions made.

Faced with a situation where somebody is trying to convince me of something, I would consider credibility of the character. If the character is likeable, wise, and respectful, there will be a higher likelihood of believing. The exact opposite will be experienced when dealing with individuals who are disrespectful. The ability of the person to relate to with the listener’s emotional needs may sway the listener towards the idea. This is because the listener will feel that someone cares for their needs and is offering solutions.

Use of logic can easily persuade a listener when done right

With sufficient logical explanations to back the idea, the listener develops trust in what is communicated and is swayed to adopting the idea. However, there still exist chances of the listener being tricked into believing false information.

Buy custom Types of Valid Evidence essay

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