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Analysis of Various Health Components for a Specific Region

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The given paper is aimed at outlining the facts and reasons of one of the most global problems of humanity HIV and AIDS. It discusses the spread of diseases in the southern parts of the US, pointing out the main characteristics of affected people and showing the reasons of diseases. Another point of this paper is to provide up-to-date information about the affected people in comparison with the past decade. The paper also outlines facts about people suffering form HIV and AIDS. Moreover, at the end of the paper, there are suggestions to change a healthcare system in order to fight with the spread of the diseases. In general, the paper is aimed to show the importance of two health issues that poison lives of millions of people around the world.

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Keywords: HIV, AIDS, health, consequences

Analysis of Various Health Components for a Specific Region

The contemporary world changes rapidly and opens new boundaries of human development. It is hard to imagine life without hundreds of innovations in various areas of life that make living easy and full of pleasure. However, when people think about blessings the world can offer, they forget about problems that take a place in todays society. Mostly, society suffers from health issues, including dangerous diseases that bother millions of people around the world. It is hard to keep up with a pace of the worlds development. Nevertheless, society should pay attention not only to blessings, but also to the problems that spoil lives of millions of people across the globe. Today, every region has its own health issues caused by various factors. Diseases usually spread because of environmental issues, peoples predisposition to health problems, climatic conditions and other factors that lead to the development of health issues.

Many regions around the world are affected by the influence of different diseases. USA is not an exception, and it suffers from different health issues. One of the widespread problems of the contemporary society is HIV or AIDS among African Americans in the Southern Parts of the United States. It is a fact that sixteen states in the South of the country are most affected. These regions extend from Delaware to Florida, from the East Coast to Texas. According to Reif, Geonnotti, & Whetten (2006), The Deep South also has some of the highest levels of poverty and uninsured individuals, factors that complicate the prevention and treatment of HIV infection. It is a historical fact that these lands were partly used for slavery. Another fact is that the economy and agriculture of this region was based on cotton. To evaluate tendencies of the disease spread, it is necessary to take into consideration rates that took place a decade ago. Reif, Geonnotti, & Whetten (2006) state:

From 2000 to 2003, the number of new reported AIDS cases increased 35.6% in the Deep South, and only 4.0% in the other Southern states and 5.2% nationally (excluding the Deep South states). Incident AIDS cases decreased 0.4% in the Northeast, increased 1.7% in the Midwest, and increased 19.3% in the West, most of which was fueled by a 25.7% increase in California.

It is hard to get the statistics of HIV, as the states are not obliged to maintain stats of this disease. However, the states must report AIDS cases, and this information is usually used to compare the situation in various regions. The most up-to-date statistics show that annually almost 50% of affected people are African Americans. It means that almost 12% of African Americans suffer from HIV or AIDS. According to the statistics, the south of the country faces many deaths because of both HIV and AIDS. That is the reason why it is important to understand the nature of these health issues in order to reduce its development.

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One of the main problems of the region is poverty and low level of health protection. Moreover, in conditions of contemporary economy, people continue losing their workplaces and become poor. Poverty is the reason why people cannot afford an appropriate health protection. This issue also leads to the lack of proper education, pleasant neighborhoods, and a well-structured healthcare system. People turn to prostitution and drug abuse, which leads to the promotion of HIV and AIDS.

HIV and AIDS affect people of various occupations. It is a fact that the South of the country has the largest amount of women affected by the disease. Black women are considered the largest share of women who suffer from HIV or AIDS. Moreover, teenagers and young adults accompany this group from 13 to 24 years old. This means that more than a half of teenagers suffer from these diseases. HIV and AIDS affect men too. In 2010, AIDS affected almost half of bisexual or gay African American men living in the South of the country. In addition, a major part of these men is aged from 13 to 24 years old.

It is obvious that the problem is serious enough to worry the whole society. A dangerous issue may lead to awful consequences. It is a serious topic to be discussed in order to find solutions. In another way, the whole society will eventually have health issues and weak immune system to fight with health problems. The main key to reduce HIV and AIDS cases lies in the structure of a health care system. Moreover, the government should work on reduction of the new HIV and AIDS cases. First, it is important to provide most affected areas with the health care centers and voluntary organizations, helping people fight diseases. People should also go through testing in order to define the disease. However, it is a problem for the contemporary society. For example, an African American teenager would rather choose not to know about his disease, than to get social problems. An ethical issue affects the behavior of affected people. Also, ethical issues involve protection of vulnerable groups, privacy, discrimination, stigma and confidentiality. Many African Americans live in fear that society will reject them instead of helping. Discrimination issues have always been contrary to health issues. In order to encourage teenagers and young adults to check their health status, it is important to conduct activities dedicated to HIV and AIDS. People should be sure that tests help in the fight against the diseases. It is important to make people sure that they are not alone with their problem, and they can get the necessary help and support.

Taking into consideration religious factors contributing to the development of HIV and AIDS, it is important to mention rules of the Roman Catholic Church, which opposes the use of condoms. However, this is the first factor that contributes to the spread of diseases. According to Doherty, Leone, & Aral (2007), Not surprisingly, young African American women in the South are the fastest growing population with heterosexually acquired HIV. Social determinants also play an important role in choosing a strategy to fight diseases. People suffering from poverty should have an access to voluntary organizations helping in fighting AIDS and HIV. It is important to consider all social characteristics in order to make a change.

The world keeps moving, and in order to prevent it from falling apart, it is important to take health issues into consideration. People should take care of their health.

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