Criminal justice is a sector that is very crucial in administration but it is not unique in any way. This sector is affected by administrative injustices such as corruption, poor performances and lack of incompetence. They are faced with the same calamities as all the other administrative sectors. This confirms that this sector has no uniqueness in performing its duties. In the court system the CJ is the person in charge. He is not unique because he is a being who is bound to the rule of law as other citizens.
This is prevalent in this sector at very high rates leading to lack of confidence in the criminal justice docket. This is the major disadvantage that has led to poor performance about the task of delivering justice to the people of the nation. Justice requires to be exercised by neutral personnel who have no corrupted minds in terms of bribery, relationship, religion, tribe, nationality or sex.
This is brought about by laziness of the personnel performing the process of justice most likely due to overload of cases. When there is overload of cases in a court of law due to the poor time management of the persons concerned. Delivery of decisions will be distorted hence lack of confidence with the justice institutions.
This is the lack of skills within the criminal justice sector which is a major challenge in quality service delivery to the citizens. This leads to faults in the decisions that are made by the personnel deployed in the criminal justice sectors. This also leads dissatisfaction to the clients who require help from the personnel in the criminal justice sector.
The criminal justice should be a sovereign institution where by it is not interfered with by any outside force. This will lead to increased performance of the justice issues presented to the faculty without alteration of the rule of law.


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