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 Interior Design is a multi-featured career where creativity is used to get technical solutions that are applied within a certain structure to achieve an interior atmosphere and provide a home like lifestyle. However, it is wise to note that, interior design and architecture rely on the designing activity of a space that is within or without a building. As cities continue to be congested, residents want more space to live and at the same time, they need interior design to turn houses into homes. The most notable thing here is that the terms, complexity of space, comfort, and human experiences are what produce clear-cut lines between the two forces. The roles and service expectations of both disciplines are very dynamic considering that the economy, politics, and social status of a country are ever dynamic. Conventionally, both disciplines are tending to be clearly distinctive, have boundaries that tie them to the legislation. This ideology of distinctiveness is further enhanced by the respective licensure and professional organizations. The other important issue concerning these disciplines is that the exams are very rigorous and help the future professionals in determine how to transform the space within and without the building. This essay focuses on interior design, its role in architecture, and why any student should enroll in the course.

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 Architecture is designing buildings, using materials in a manner that will create balance and be aesthetic to the outside eye while interior design directs itself to the inside of the building. The main goal of design is to make our lives better and more comfortable than it is. A common language is usually shared between the two disciplines. This language is used to transfer some form of significant communication to the public and is comprehended by all the practitioners involved. This implies that both disciplines when coupled with industrial design, graphic and landscape design work towards solving difficulties for persons and their combined societies with the aim of accommodating, enhancing, and making preparations for a better tomorrow.

 Many professions in interior design organizations try to define how interior design is an independent discipline and make their argument legitimate. Architecture deals with the synthesis of economical and practical needs, putting the needs into critical thinking and coming up with a solution and in this case a building.

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 In the past three centuries, architecture has been a discipline that has been used to help man to achieve a meaningful focus and a higher spiritual sense. An architectural structure can be defined as an artistic utterance of principles of culture, and intentional design options founded on modern technology and its meaning. The language of reduction is used in accomplishing the process of design. A design is got through contraction of ideas, detail, space, material, and symbols. Interior design is usually engraved within the building.

 Interior design is placed within the interests of architectural practice. Interior design involves designing the interior components in accordance with the outside components within the site conditions that are associated with the building. In interior design, both the client and the designer agree on the intended outcome. The fine details are taken into consideration and the interior designer takes a careful control of all the elements to get the best design possible (Nash, 1998).

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 Interior design uses services and additive assemblies that have been contracted separately from those being used in architecture (Barnard, 1994). Although both disciplines share the same processes, vocabulary, interior design is free of the intensity of architecture. The kind of additive assemblies used within the inside may be very distinct from the main architecture. For example, the finishes, motifs, materials, paint, space, elements of architecture used can be independent to of the architectural language of the main building. The interior designer and the architecture often adhere to the legal and ethical aspects of building thus have the autonomy of ensuring that the clients are safe within the structure. However, it is important to note that, a tenant at the building opts to concentrate on his single unit and does not focus on the entire building. He or she is either intentionally or contractually removed from the building. Although this may not be the case in some places like the Rotunda of the University of Virginia.

 Some designers coerce the user of the building to identify with both the exterior architecture and the interior design. Thomas Jefferson designed this Rotunda in 1822, after going for a tour in Rome (2011). He wanted to make an ideal academic village where knowledge could be shared. The shapes of both the upper and lower entrances are shaped like a flowing hourglass. The Rotunda’s dome room is a result of a blend of architecture and philosophy. Jefferson designed it to be the centre of knowledge. The rotunda’s ceiling is a white dome with a skylight. The skylight sis made up of aluminum and Plexiglas. Light rays are seen from below as they radiate like spokes. The Lawn can be viewed from the dome thus making the user of the facility to identify both with the building and with the interior design at the same time (Jefferson, 2011). A visitor at the dome can see the Lawn, mountains, the sky, a symbol of the infiniteness of freedom of the human mind. The Rotunda’s dome accepts the existence of the outside architecture and interior design. This is where both discipline congruent effectively to satisfy the needs of man.

 It is wise to note that, both architecture and interior design rely on the relationship between common concepts. Interior design is an additive process whereas s architectures uses reductive language. From a complete work, both professionals need to be appreciated because they have used their creativity to produce good work. An interior design can chose to supplement or ignore an architect’s work while an architect may not be able to do the same. In conclusion, although the language differs, both disciplines work for the good of making man’s life better.

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 Interior designers can work in a variety of environments. These include: hotels, homes, offices, hospitals, villas, palaces, stores among others. A majority of the interior designers like working as residential designers. Some interior designers work to train the next generation of interior designers (Careers in Interior Design, 2006). Interior design involves a less stressful task of transforming inner space according to the needs of the customer. A career in interior design can also enable an individual to work as a salesperson for related industries for instance furnishing industries. Most people have landed in doing interior design without any formal education. This discipline relies on creativity, knowledge of the available materials and the latest design. Anyone who wants to take the discipline of interior design has to be very creative. They must have a mind that is very artistic and excellent in drawing. A professional should assess people who make sketches, blend colors well before they commit themselves to the field. Technical drawing is also an essential requirement.

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