My Diet Analysis

Nutrition Calculator is a program that provides one with a diet diary, calories accounting, and an analysis of ones food consumption. The program only requires to fill in the information about gender, weight, height, and age as well as to count the food intake, and the rest of the needed operations are done automatically. The following paper describes the differences between my food intake and the respective recommendations, outlines the role of physical activity in the diet, and gives feedback on the program.

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To begin with, my food intake on the first and the second day of my diet was not compatible with the recommendations. Namely, the number of calories consumed during the first two days of the diet was less than the recommended amount. On the third day, the amount of consumed calories roughly coincided with the suggested one. Basing on the above mentioned information, I made some changes in the diet in order to achieve the recommendations. I increased the amount of the consumed food, and in such a way, the number of calories consumed increased too. Such changes occurred because of the fat and carbohydrates that the food contained.

As for the menu, on the first day it mainly consisted of dietary food. Therefore, the number of consumed fat and protein did not meet the recommended level. The foods such as vegetables, chicken, cheesecake ensure a certain level of protein and fiber, while pasta and croissants provide carbohydrates. However, there was a lack of enough fat in the diet. On the second day of my diet, the food intake did not include enough protein. I consumed such food like burgers, pie, apples, cereal which are rich in carbohydrates yet lack fat. What is more, there were not enough protein and micronutrients in the diet. The third day nutrition plan was more balanced the previous two, and contained all the necessary nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats as well as vitamins and minerals. Considering the above information, it is possible to conclude that during these three days, I consumed less than 100% of the recommended nutrients.

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Since physical activity has a direct effect on the amount of calories needed by a person during the day, it requires proper attention, if one follows specific diet. With the increase of physical activity, the body's need for nutrients and energy also grows. Hence, diet program depends on ones physical activity. If the person needs to gain weight, he or she must consume more calories than the bony spends on vital functions and physical activity. On the contrary, if the person wants to lose weight, the number of calories spent should be higher than those consumed. Thus, it is possible to adjust the level of physical activity, or the amount of food consumed, or both simultaneously.

It should be mentioned that this site was very informative. I learned about a body mass index, the human needs for nutrients, and the rates of consumption of certain products. Besides, I realized that keeping a diary of food is very convenient: since I was able to compare my diet and respective set of recommendations, my idea of food systematized.

Overall, the program helps to eat healthier food by providing an assessment of the quality of food in terms of ingredients, nutritional value, and calorie content, and by making diet program. I enjoyed using a nutrition calculator and analyzing my diet because it helps me to be fit. The program is easy to use; most products are included in the systems list, so it is very simple to count how many nutrients ones body gets from various products. Having used the program for some time, you will remember the information about the products and will be further able to calculate the nutritional value of the product itself if necessary.

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