O’Brien was one of the most influential writers in Vietnam. When analyzing the works of any writer or musician, it is very important to consider the main purpose of these works. All the writers and artists’ creations have a certain objective or goal. O’Brien wrote fiction books, which attracted a lot of readers. Many people wonder what the main purpose of O’Brien’s works is. Most of his writings act as a source of motivation to the readers.
He wrote fiction and non-fictional books on the Vietnam War. O’Brien wrote one of the most popular books such as The Things They Carried. The main aim of O’Brien’s writings was to make the readers understand his feelings as a victim of war. He also shows all the sufferings experienced by the soldiers. Comparing O’Brien’s stories to the works of other authors, it can be noticed that his works contain the truth and reality of the war.
O’Brien’s stories provide a clear understanding on how the war experiences can change one’s character. For example, Mary Anne gradually transforms from the naïve girl. She constantly loses her innocence and her life changes completely. Mary Anne even learnt how to use a rifle showing her readiness for war. She started returning home during odd hours and later she did not turn up all night.
O’Brien’s stories show the readers that war had a huge physiological influence on soldiers. The writer had never told anyone about his life and his role in the Vietnam War. Many people do not know anything about the events that took place on the battlefields. O’Brien’s stories provide an important source of information that helps the readers understand the occurrences of the war. Moreover, they have an opportunity to learn an important lesson that wars should be avoided at all costs.
O’Brian does not think that the reasons for the war are significant. His stories provide a piece of advice, namely that people should explore other options of solving problems rather than make war. O’Brien’s works help the readers understand the long lasting effects of war. The soldiers usually suffer from the horrible war memories throughout their lives. The chapter “Things They Carried on the Rainy River” is also based on the war memories. O’Brien still remembers the hard times of that war. He reveals that the soldiers’ acts were compelled by guilt and regret and that they were haunted by those events even after the war.

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