Customer Service

1. Why it is necessary for customer service providers to maintain positive relationships with both internal and external customers.

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The internal customers are the core of the trade for the small and the middle business. The already existing customers try to save the motivation to visit ones trading point because of the following reasons.

First, they want to be sure about the ability to offer the appropriate service that is usual for them. Then, there is stability, so even small businesses try to keep their clients. Furthermore, it is important to keep the personal conversation between the seller and the buyer, which also concerns the elderly audience. They need more attention because sometimes, they have nobody to speak except their home animals. That is why the internal customers are the people who are the closest to the trading point.

From the point of view of the international business, it is also clear because the well-known domestic companies have the confidence. Every normal state strategy is to support the local producer to avoid the expansion of the businesses from abroad. However, from the other point of view, there is not much difference between the strategies if a company can build greater business. They do not care about the native country and the local producers but only their income. The personalities do not care about society and they are ready to invest money in the non-national economies. Having the external consumers is a good idea because it is not prohibited. That is why the external customers are the A1 position for the managers, while the inner market is overcrowded.

As the resume for this part of investigation the external customers are desired for the developing managers. The niches of internal customers are already filled, so the external customers are much more attractive. Therefore, the external business managers are much more needed than the managers of high-competitive internal market.

2. How does technology enhance the provision of excellent customer service?

It is not a secret that Internet and the connected with it technologies have changed the world. People are lazy and they try to minimize the movements outdoor, which is why they like any technology that would save their personal energy discharge. In the nearest future, the gadgets and everything connected with them may be the best investments for the traders.

The main ones are the organization of access for the online buying, the optimization of the access to the payment system, and the consolidation of the payment and delivery. Additionally, traders can pay attention to the integrating of the services for the mobile devices and the call-backs for the less-developed companies. Furthermore, there is the free education online for the people who cannot use the gadgets properly.

One should discuss shortly the benefits of the new technologies. The first crucial technology is Internet where people can buy, sell, and exchange everything. However, it is way to optimize the life having the economy of time. The technology would make peoples life easier. Making the distance between the buyer and the seller is possible to avoid the personalization of the trade and to unify the work with the client (Gitman & McDaniel, 2005).

Some techniques may be developing but some may be discussible. It is possible to imagine that the customer would be devoid of conversation with buyer absolutely (John, 2003). However, some categories of the clients still need the personal conversation.

Nowadays, technology is the inevitable part of peoples life, and that is why the use of its benefits is common and widespread. Therefore, the use of any technologies is just a plus for a business and customer service, which would only extend the potential buyer base.

3. Six technologies for the customers expectations

There are at least 6 technologies to explain why some company is better than others. Even though classifications of the best technologies are quite diverse, the main ideas may be concluded in 6 ones.

At first, the seller should be polite, flexible, and oriented to the needs of the clients. A rude manager would only scare away customers and they will go to other companies.

The client should have constant access to the managers. The form of the access is not so important. The client should feel that he/she is in the center of attention. It may be even the call-back by phone or the obvious e-mail of robot-machine.

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Then, the creativity of the company is a necessity. Any new ideas or actions should be positioned properly.

The next technology is the promotion of tolerance to the clients. The client should know that any of his/her peculiarities would be perceived as normal. It means complete tolerance to the race, sex, habits, and the some deviations of the client.

The fifth idea, even though it should be first from the point of the view of effectiveness, is that having new technologies is important. Therefore, the Internet should cover many functions of the business managers. The modern design of website with the possibility to work from smartphones would be the bonus.

The sixth important idea is to use any possibility to be closer to the client. In the modern world, it is the common to use the social networks and to have constant information about special prices and discounts as well as new special actions inside the trade network.

These technologies are just the basis of the classification. There are much more ones to explain the peculiarities of the business. The different ones are based on the different purposes. That is why all the techniques may be discussible and have the different ideas about the total economy influence.

4. Why do the people not want to improve the services?

Not wanting to improve a companys services occurs all the time because many people do not believe that the new services may overcome the old ones. Since it is not that easy to get rid of old habits, the new ideas would meet resistance (Fornell, Mithas, Morgeson III, & Krishnan, 2006). In other words, having no changes at all means having no problems. That is the classical idea of conservatism.

As usual, people do not believe that all new services may be useful for them. They do not care about anything new and complicated. Therefore, the seller should not believe in the quick positive reaction of the customer. The other question if the customers like the companys efforts to be good. Maybe the services are suitable for them and any changes just are too complicated.

Nevertheless, the personal work with the clients always works well. Any new technologies cannot replace the connection between the people. That is why a good manager is the key for the stability of the business. Good managers are wanted to improve the services and to be more confidential with their clients. That is the one of the variants to expand the services.

Any new decisions in the business should be discussed with the customer beforehand. For example, the total change of the ordering system to the Internet shop may be good for the owner and will expand the client-base in future, but the closest clients may not understand this change initially. Therefore, any transitions in the business should be soft and the expenditures overlay is the natural way of avoiding the misunderstanding of the clients.

5. Some people think that the services are not relevant.

The idea of irrelevance of services occurs because it is difficult to explain that the company always tries to improve the services. However, the marginal clients are also the part of the real audience. Therefore, it is normal to spend some efforts to cover the needs of this part of a companys clientele. Even in the case of the neutral or even trustful service, they will advise the companys service to their neighbors or other people. That may be the grateful advertisement.

The conclusion might arise that customers do not really like the small merchants and they prefer the unpersonalized companies (Sensley, 2006). That is why there exists some misunderstanding between both sides. Looking for the keys of the mutual understanding between the sellers and buyers is the way for the good deals.

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