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The Cold War

It is undisputable to say that world war two brought much change that was not expected in the world industrial developments and economic development.  After this war, the US government emerged as the winner enjoying much of post-war benefits it is the only nation that made a profit out of the war. The government took the advantage that the Second World War did not take place in its motherland and during this period the government was busy building its military, economic and political power as it ruthlessly destroyed other nations.

After the war, it became a world superpower whose economic and military power was second to none. Russia by then was known as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) also enjoyed some political and military advantages over other nations. The two nations started to argue and suspect each other of planning to rule the world by causing another war. This suspicion gave birth to the cold war. The nations knew the strength of each other since they had fought together as allies axis the axis powers. All the difference came after the war, and the difference are what came to be recorded in books of history as the cold war.

The primary reason for cold war was that America was a capitalist nation that practiced democracy when it came to the election of its members. Russia on the other was a communist country that believed in the autocracy of power that in some cases would extend to dictatorship. The two main differences in the economic and political sectors of the nations made the two nations to not be at peace with each other.

One of the landmarks that were left behind by cold war was the policy of containment.  The policy of containment was a military strategy that was used by the rival nations to stop the spread and expansion of the enemy the United States was the mother of this policy. It was first introduced by President Harry Truman after he got the idea from a US diplomat known as F.Kennan. 

The implementation of this containment policy means that Soviet Union would not continue to spread its economic and military support to other nations, especially in Vietnam. The cold war brought a lot of change to the lives of many American citizens.  The economy of America by the mid-century was already flourished, and there were a lot of changes when the cold begun.  1950s were the years that followed shortly after world war two and most citizens had their best lives ever. During this time, the middle class rapidly expanded while the level unemployment went low.

The US government was the only country in the world with nuclear bombs but when mid 19th century downed Soviet Union develops its nuclear bombs.  It created fear among citizens, and they lived in fear. Rather than focusing on economic development and enjoying the peace the country turned its focus to nuclear preparedness. An atmosphere of fear, distrust and paranoia filled the lives of many Americans making their living a mental tragedy. The US government thought that involving itself in Vietnam War could halt the spread of communist activities by Soviet Union. America had not been so active in the hot war in Vietnam but when President Lyndon Johnson took over the military was sent to Vietnam.

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Civil Rights Movements

If there is a nation that has deep roots of civil rights movements in the word it is the US. The roots of these movements can trace back during the period of Montgomery Bus Boycott, which took place in 1950s. The reasons for these movements were that most people in US, especially the blacks, were racially discriminated in every aspect of life. Racial segregation, racial oppression and also slavery were the primary objectives of the movements. There were those groups that fought for women rights to vote and increment of their number in the Senate. To fight this problem the late President Lincoln in his emancipation proclamation wished that all people could be treated equally, but a century after this racial abuse still existed.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott is one of the landmarks in the history of civil right movements. The purpose of the boycott was to let the government know and see the suffering of the segregated people who lived in Alabama. After the boycott a chronology of events took place and it there was the birth of black power movements.

If there is a person who defined the future of US was Ronald Reagan. During his time as the ruler, he was able to organize and change the economy of US. He was preceded by President Carter and most citizens felt that his term was nothing but failure.  During the 1970s, America went through social-economic and political traumatic events such as the Watergate, stagflation, and the defeat of South Vietnam, energy crisis and mainly the decline of American Industry. What followed was that most Americans did not believe in the government anymore, and the confidence with the government did not exist.

When Reagan took over the government he capitalized on the frustrations that the public had   he could question the citizen: “Are you better off than you were four years ago.” This slogan made him win with a landslide winning almost every possible vote and for the first time since 1954 that the Democrats lost the Senate. His actions enjoyed much of the public support needed. Reagan greatest achievement was that he managed to have tax cuts that led to a major reduction in domestic expenditures thus saving the US economy. His economic revival success is a legacy that is appreciated up to date and something that nations have been copying

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The Great Depression

It is undisputable to note that the Great Depression period was not only a drastic but also severe worldwide economic struggle that took place in the early 1930s. Many countries across the globe had already started experiencing the Great Depression in 1929 and lasted until the late 1930s. United States of America was the mother of this depression and it was reported on September 4, 1929.  As times passed by the economic stress became worldwide news with the worldwide stock market crashing on October 29, 1929

Two different theories try to explain the emergence of the Great Depression in a wide context. They include the demand-driven theory and the monetarist theory. The demand-driven theory explains that a large loss of confidence led to a sudden reduction in consumption and investment spending. Holding back money became of great profit as prices dropped lower, and a given amount of money bought goods ever, exacerbating the drop in demand.

The Great Depression was caused by underlying weaknesses and imbalances within the United States economy that ended up not only affecting the United States but also the entire countries of the world.  During this era people did not have economic purchasing power and their level of poverty seemed to be high.  Everyone struggled to survive and during this time the poor people in the society became more poor to be poor while those rich people went to have their own class.

The depression, however, had positive political implications. Countries such as Germany and Japan reacted to the Depression and brought militarist governments into place. These governments adopted the regressive foreign policies. In 1933, Roosevelt, who was the then US president, promised a New Deal under which his government would try and work tirelessly to reduce unemployment levels in the country.

Both agricultural and industrial sectors were supported by policies thus; there was job creation in the country that was the primary goal of the deal. The New Deal was highly credited for enhancing great public work projects and education programs it brought into formulation. However, the New Deal did not lead to rapid recovery as it was thought. The income per capita did not significantly change as compared to how it originally was during the prior phases of the depression. The government’s welfare and public works bore fruits because it was able to benefit the needy people. Much of the economic prosperity of the United States was majorly due to rearmament.

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The World War Two

The world peace had been stable after the First World War came to an end but with time economic and political powers predicted that there would be a Second World War. As I was reading through the books it came to my attention that the Second World War took place from the year 1939 to 1945.   The war was fought by two groups, the first group was called the allies while the rival group to was called the axis.  As they say the world war two took place when Germany took decided to attack an innocent Poland.  The Germans felt that they were in control of a large part of Europe and this triggered it to form a fighting partnership named the Axis alliance with Italy and Japan.

 The year 1941, is a crucial year in the history of this war as the United States and Japan had been trying to end the war in China though the applications of soft power ad smart power rather than hard power by actively engaging in peaceful negotiation. Some other nations from Europe especially Netherlands and British started private meetings of how they could attack and win the war for themselves and their sides. These negotiations were meant to enable them unite and be prepared for any attacks arising from the Japanese.

 The war at long last came to an end and every participant of the war apart from the US felt the effects in a negative way.  It made the nations to come and reason together in a single pot and they decided to form the United Nations which was to mentor peace and united among its members. The war was not easy for women and children. Uncle Sam a well known person from the US decided to take all men to war this left women and children without families and so they had to do hard labor. The traditional notion that the society had about labor division between genders came to an end with this harsh situations.

Therefore, this means that women moved into work roles that were traditionally known or recognized to be only for men. They undertook menial tasks and worked hard enough to justify their capabilities. They all had to work harder so as to sustain themselves and their families that had been left behind by the men who were in battles. Moreover, women also participated in the army. Very many women joined the military forces and went to battle with men. Their roles were greatly changed by the Second World War as they were able to take up new roles that were traditionally only meant for men.

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