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Management: Masculine Filter

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Pursuing careers among other ambitions in life needs one to overcome some “filters” in life. The beliefs that people have been holding since time immemorial have been dragging potential men and women from realizing their dreams. Considering women, they have been the culprit of those customary norms. It is embarrassing to realize how the beliefs are adopted by people at younger age and they cling unto them until the advanced age hence derailing their achievements of life. The whole mentality greatly influences ones mentality. The mentality is greatly gears up or down a person attitude. It is undeniable that many women have not achieved their dream careers simply because they strongly believe that such technical things are meant to their counterparts who are the men. Change starts by oneself, meaning the first step to change the whole mentality is by realizing that one is actually a victim of the deranging beliefs. It is better noting that not only women are affected by the same but men have shown the effects of the “filter”. It is that makes believe that they cannot perform what is expected for women. The same mentality are limiting their capabilities and there important to be investigated. It has led to concern that manipulates job in their favor. The current paper seeks to illustrate masculine filters that depict that there exists a set of ideals, beliefs, and rules that subconsciously direct men to what they do and don’t do; they also spell what is expected from men and it is what they hold as the blueprint in mapping their achievement.

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Meaning of Masculine Filter

Masculine filter refers to the idea of holding a mentality that men cannot exactly do what is expected of them by the women. Most of these filters are characterized by and contributed by the masculinity of men. Men tend to believe that they are the rulers of the world, a belief that makes them use more of their masculinity in the wrong ways.

Firstly, according to the article, Orange Line, the writer acknowledges that according to the British study conducted, they noted that it might take approximate fifty to seventy years for western culture to that the housework is equally distributed. This is I high indication that the men still believe that housework is feminine task. The rough estimate of the duration to take before the paradigm shift happens vividly indicates that it will not be easy and faster to change the mentality of men. It is therefore deductable that it might come at a cost. The men should take their own initiative to drop some of the filters that inhibit them from performing house chores. Many men, as early as their boyhood, believe that housework belongs to the female. It is a common thing to find boys laughing for their fellow lad who washes dishes. The mentality might continue and inhibit future change where we shall need men contributions in housework.

The belief carries positivity with it too. “Masculine filter” encourages men to be leaders. Men believe that they are the leaders. At home they want themselves be regarded as the head of family, and so they are! As a result men believe that their strength and witness in leadership is most crucial at giving directives and securing their families. Do you imagine a society where men have no intention of leading? It will be a failing society.  It is unjustifiable for a man leaving work undone simply because it is feminine, yet, it happens because of the “filter “The belief of men that they were born to leaders has culminated good leadership. Many women have total confidence of their men as good leadership. Unfortunately, it is disastrous as many men leaders might not be appropriate yet they will never submit their “littleness” before women. They will never allow women to contest to governmental or political seats as they believe that the chance is only for men. The same has intrigued even in marriages, men are never comfortable marrying career or women with leading position in institution. Houses might ever remain unorganized or untidy with man not doing anything since cleaning is unmanly as they perceive.

Men trust their muscular strength and the whole energetic body stature. Men who are short for instance regard themselves as inferior. As a result they shy off from taking some roles are careers in the society. It is more adverse when they use a lot of “others” power like money to challenge their fellows. The mentality holds them back from achieving their desires. Many develop low self esteem. Men deconstructs job to fit their strength.  

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Men chauvinism is also filter to equal opportunity in the society. The belief of superiority, that men have been putting women at corner. The higher the level of men chauvinism the lesser the contribution the women makes to the society. Men believe not to be questioned neither be warned. It has been a bad experience to many men who have undergone problems just because they believe that women have no capability to change their current situations. Most are times men will stop their women from performing without their consultancy hence less developments. Men are never ready to give out their secrets to their fellow opposite gender, a husband finds no confident in his wife; he might decide to struggle with the same problem solely. This is how the chauvinism has been affecting the mutual relationship between men and women.

If only men could reconsider their mentality that they win through their masculinity then fight will be rare. A man believes in possessing, money and beautiful women or whatever is best in this world. It has positively contributed to more creation of wealth and hence better development. However, men have been using power, money and authority to gain the status that a man believes belongs to him. An assumption of careerism means that men are given the chances to learn skills as well as expertise and that will be difficult to be granted to females. This clearly indicates that men like feeling the differential status between them and women. They will perform best only where they feel comfortable and not to the priority of the matter at hand.


Men can be therefore viewed as great holders of assumptions. The assumption spells what, how and when they do their normal activities. It is therefore important to note that many men behave according to their own assumptions which include the following;

Firstly, men believe that they are ever right before the presence of women. This is the essence of superiority, them being the head of family need special attention to their directives. Men expect to be respected and their presence be recognized whenever they are present in home.

Men assume that they are the great leaders ever. They believe as young as they are weak they might be that they deserve to have a certain status. As a result they will forego important task just only to lead. In political aspects, men believe that they should contest with other men only and no women. They deny the women the chance to contribute to their nation and leave them with some jobs that require their unavailable masculinity.

Every man believes in service. Men tend to be reluctant to serve as subordinate or server to women at offices. They believe that a woman should be there to look after them, to give them special treatment. Fear of feminization and stigmatization, common anxieties for men in non- traditional roles.

Physical job belongs to men, it should be their priority. A man should not be taking care of babies et cetera. This is a common feeling to many men. As result men have been contributing less in the day to day activities in homes.

All these feelings raise the pride of men. Men have been contributing society like in fighting and so forth. It is from their assumption that gears up their vigor to act and perform with quality results. Unfortunately, much of these adherences of the beliefs have left women and children with some burden that highly requires their intervention. The beliefs have made men shy off from performing some basic chores at their home since they believe it being unmanly.

Behaviors Related to Masculine Filter

The assumptions are associated with poor behaviors. Men chauvinism is one of the major habits.  Men will never agree to what women will say; whether right or wrong. This is because they believe that their decision is the most prudent and final. As a result, poor decisions are made out of monopolization of ideas. To make the matter worse they will never submit defeat, hence is ready to fight to extremity, if it calls death it might be.

Men have inhibited women from realizing their full potential. They have assumed to be the best leaders ever. The same doctrines have also been embraced by women who tend to work under management of men than their fellow women. They risk from being overworked since they will never let in men for a help. Men have been reconstructing job so as to fit their masculine status.

“Men should be strong” it is a common belief from men to be strong physically and materially in terms of wealth. This has led men to overwork to be strong. Men have been fighting to achieve recognition. Power and authority have been misused by men to gain the status their envy for. The consequences of their over commitment, excess struggle and their ambitiousness has led to improvement to some and frustration to many. At all this maneuvers the women are never recognized and therefore perceived as weak gender.

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Impact of Masculine Filters in the Workplace

At workplace men will never feel confident working and intermingling with their women. It will be very disturbing to men who are taking job that are perceived to be for women. They feel like their masculinity or manhood been challenged.  Men tend to shift to job that are accustomed to be for men. Men will be driven by their ego to feel them superior that their counterparts.

Detjen, Waters & Watson found out that men working in women dominated occupation fear feminization and stigmatization. The kind of unfavorable and unfriendly working environment might lead stress and poor discharge of services at workplace. Men will be able to be highly interactively with their fellow females. As a result, men will be tempted to leave various duties to their female colleagues in believe that they are supposed to do it for them. Gender equality is therefore compromised.

Recognition of superiority and masculinity must be subjected in workplace. As a method to protect their premises and the very high level of ego men will limit gossip or argument with females as that is regarded as unmanly. Men feel a sense of isolation where women surpass them in number. The men will keep their secrets and even problems than share them to their colleagues. It is because they believe that women have nothing to help, moreover they (men) are not willing to submit their weakness.


In conclusion, masculinity filter will affect the social life in workplace. It will lead to the deconstruction and rearrangement of duties if need be to provide men with the so believed their roles. Men will feel degraded where they work in the same level as women; this will be the case where men are not able to command women. Men will have a negative attitude towards their female colleagues. Filters refer to the assertions that men tend to be over-ambitious about their masculinity and that can actually begin from their early boyhood years and carried on to their adulthood. In most cases, masculine filters tend to be of impact in the workplaces. In some cases, they feel undermined when offered to do jobs together with women since they have a feeling that they should be ruling. The impacts of masculine filters emerge from the assumptions that men hold about themselves. Certain negative behaviors have been associated with masculine filter including overworking and reduced potential realization by men.

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