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Portfolio Management Plan

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Table of Contents

1. Organizations strategic plan 2. Organizations strategic capacity plan 3. Portfolio management process 4. Project selection criteria 5. Program management plan 6. Plan to identify and resolve possible areas/

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7. Change management plan: 8. Resource utilization plan:

Portfolio Management Plan


Portfolio management plan is a plan set up to show the strategies a company uses to achieve its objectives. In this plan, we use Greenzo Technologies. Greenzo Technologies is a company, which deals with biodegradation process. It turns waste products into useful products after treating them. It brings a friendlier environment.

Organizations Strategic Plan

The managers of the company established the strategic plan with a lot of consultation involving the Board of Directors and staff. The management raised the issues that would help to improve on attainment of their goals. They reflected on the vision, core-operating values of the organization, mission, and general approaches towards their work. Staff provided support to come up with conclusive plan (Krajewski, 2005). They performed an environmental scan and assessed both their challenges and opportunities, which helped to come up with a strong plan.

Greenzo Technologies Mission

It intends to create a suitable environment through establishing high quality bioremediation system. The provision of paramount value to the customers, who are cautious of health and environment is also of importance to the organization (Wahl, n.d.). The mission is showing the benefit of healthy living and nurturing the environment. The company intends to follow up on the issues given by the customers and also make improvements on the recommendations they offer. It also strives for fair and genuine profits. Attaining ISO certifications for the recognition and approval of the systems is also a part of their mission to enable the company to smoothly penetrates into the broader market. In summary, the company intends to be keen with the hygiene of the systems and maintain the quality of services.

Organizations Strategic Capacity Plan

The organizations strategic plan seeks to identify the costs related to the production of the systems to maintain good health and protection of the environment. It makes comparisons for the number of units of finished goods produced to the price that a single unit commands in the market. Greenzo Technologies looks at the raw materials needed for creation of the system, sale, and marketing of the product in order to come up with a price range that is attractive to the customers, while they still make profits. The organization addresses this to come up with the most lucrative and cost-effective means, not forgetting the achievement of goals and meeting the customers demands (D, 1984).

Capacity to produce this plan enables the company to know their potential to produce goods and deliver services over a specified period.Greenzo Technologies involves the consideration of the short-term and long-term goals. This capacity plan will enable the organization to estimate the capacity requirements for the future (Joyce, 2006).

In creating the systems, the management evaluated the existing capacity to identify the gaps. The plan also has a plan to identify the substitutes, which can be used in case some of the raw materials are not available (J, 2007). The financial analysis for the substitutes is conducted. With the alternatives at hand, the committee comes up with the most cost-effective alternative after assessing the key quality issues. Finally, they make the implementation of alternative and monitor the results.

Portfolio Management Process

Selected programs should align with the business strategy and meet the significant criteria. This results to portfolio attaining higher percentage of successful programs. It emphasizes on executing the strategy, maximizing the value of the organization, enhancing in the making of decisions, and managing the organizational changes. The organization ensures that all the steps necessary to construct a portfolio give the constraints and limitations of the current period.

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During execution of the portfolio, the firms benefits must be highly protected and measures to do so, should be clearly stated. The organization obtains this by monitoring the programs assessing the viability of the portfolio, and managing the risks involved in the programs. With better portfolios, realization of greater benefits is achieved.

Project Selection Criteria

Greenzo Technologies selects the systems that focus on housing developers, where the company is incorporated with the new location development. In the system, it chooses the projects with massive profits, and those, that would exist in a long period of time. The potential of the developers increases the purchasing power and this increases the length of time.

Program Management Plan

This is the planning document, which entails the project. It covers all the projects phases from initiation to planning and execution. The organizations plan involved a number of steps. The first one was the overview and the reason for the project to be nurturing the environment and maintaining healthy living. The company embracesbiodegradation process by turning waste into the valuable products. It approaches developers to buy its systems and to implement them into their projects in order to make profits.

It focuses on ensuring that all projects are aligned with the strategy put in the portfolio. It does this by reviewing and managing projects to guarantee that they do not exceed the plan. The organization ensures that the set goals are met by prioritizing on the set objectives and criteria for achievement.

Plan to Identify and Resolve Possible Areas/Sources

of Conflict Related to Cost, Schedule, or Quality

Greenzo Technologies uses the latest technology. The company plans, so as to identify and obtain possible solutions for the conflicts that are related to the cost of goods, the program schedule, and the quality of systems they develop. The Board organizes a meeting to resolve any conflict that may be found in the portfolio. The ideas that assist in maintaining a healthy environment are often approved.

Change Management Plan

The organization is surrounded by many cultures. There are also numerous changes that take place in the organization or in its immediate surroundings. Moreover, the business also has a plan to deal with such changes (J, 2007). The plan made composes the alternatives to be used in case of any changes. The portfolio is flexible in a way that it caters for the changes that may occur. In times, when changes occur, for instance lack of customers, the company may result to marketing its products in a more extensive way in order to make more sales (Wahl, n.d.).

Resource Utilization

The organization has a plan to utilize all the waste products and make degradable products. It intends to do this at the cheapest price and still manage to produce quality products. The resources are highly utilized. Realizing the significance of the firm enables the management to utilize the resource in a proper way at every step from the commencement of the program to its completion (Krajewski, 2005).


The management plan assists organizations in the realization of their objectives. It gives a guide on the directions to take and helps to assess the already achieved process in order to ensure that no conflict of interests exist.

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