Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is the process of leading others by understanding and listening to juniors and defendants. Courtesy and humility to listen to the opinion of others is very crucial for servant leadership, because it is a good source of motivation to ones colleagues. Workers are given opportunity to exercise their abilities and talents. The growth of the servant leader depends on others. The important job of servant leader is to know the needs of the community and fulfill them.

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Servant leadership eliminates ill motives, and encourages forgiveness. Bad things are approved as not what brings people apart, but what makes them stay together. Cultural differences are not viewed as a burden in servant leadership. It is a chance to make things not fall apart. Servant leadership looks on what people can give each other and path which look alike to a sense of connecting to one another. In the education of community to be friendly the aim of the servant leadership is to carter for the people. It enhances provision of better while developing the interest of others. When other people needs are accomplished then their different talents, abilities and development can be recognized (Smith, 2005).

Golemans Leadership Theory explains more about emotional intelligence. That is how to control ones feelings and express them in a proper manner. It encourages people to work together as a team towards achieving a specific goal. There are four domains of emotional intelligence, for example, self awareness, having great understanding of other peoples emotions, their needs and weaknesses, and their effects. Self-management is the process of adapting to different changes of style and situation. Social awareness is the act of understanding and reacting to situations.

Selflessness is the major attribute of servant leadership. Good illustrations are soldiers, army, policemen and all the security forces because their work is to protect the civilians and to make sure they are safe. In case of any attack, for instance they are the ones to fight the terrorists putting their lives in jeopardy.

Effective listening is a very important aspect of servant leadership. The leaders must swallow office egos and listen to others peoples views. Nobody can work without the cooperation from others, especially in the 21st century. Industrial actions are the good examples of cases which occur due to ignorance. The leaders refuse to listen to their grievances (Ten Principles of Servant Leadership).

Strong communication is one more servant leadership domain. A servant leader has to possess good communication skills. There must be a mutual understanding between a leader and other junior colleagues. I am not sure if arrogance in communication does any good. If a manager asks the secretary, Madam, please, type for me this letter, the secretary will feel appreciated and important in the organization and do it with unusual motivation.

Another attribute is the ability to encourage others. A good servant leader should motivate and encourage the others. For example, in the workplaces the boss should recognize the people who are working hard and appreciate their work by giving promotions and financial incentives.

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Accountability is another attribute to servant leadership. A good servant leader should be accountable for everything that happens and should take personal responsibilities for their actions.

In addition, emotional intelligence is the process of taking full control of your emotions and others. Good servant leader should be able to control his/her emotions in different situations also there are five elements of emotional leadership. Self-awareness it is all about knowing, who you are and how you feel when you want to improve. Anger management and patience is the key to achieving self-awareness. If something goes wrong, the leader must be patient and break the problem into pieces and solve it prudently. Good decision-making approaches play an important role in servant leadership. Wrong decisions may result into negative consequences for the business. Leaders who are self-motivated provide good quality of work. Empathy is the fourth element of emotional leadership, which puts oneself in someone elses situation and responds to their feelings. And lastly, social skills are the things that a servant leader must have. The knowledge of social dynamics is invaluable.

Emotional intelligence improves the performance at work because one can understand the social differences among workers and use them as leverage for better performance. In fact, during the process of recruitment, interviewers should find the emotional intelligence of the candidates (Emotional Intelligence in Leadership).

Emotional intelligence enables leaders to manage the stressful situations to improve the physical health. Uncontained levels of stress increase blood pressure. The immune system is also suppressed. This will increase the probability of cardiac arrests and may cause a stroke as well as secondary infertility. Emotional intelligence helps in relationships. It enables a leader to understand and control personal emotions. It gives a room for better expression and communication. There is nothing more rewarding like knowing oneself better and understanding others.

Emotional intelligence improves mental health. If stress levels become uncontrollable, anxiety and depression are more common. This makes leaders unable to cope with themselves and colleagues, creating unhealthy working relationships. Consequently the sense of isolation and isolation may occur.

However, emotional intelligence and self-awareness must be practiced by everybody regardless of office level, social orientation and level of institution. Classmates, workmates and all people in the community should learn emotional intelligence and this will create a better co-existence (Emotional intelligence).

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