This paper is aimed at making the appropriate plans for the setting up of a Health and Wellness Centre in partnership with a hospital. It focuses on the strategies that the administrators will use to set up this centre. It will also outline the unique considerations and specifications for the target group of patients. The paper will also give the necessary recommendations to the administrators on the implementations processes. The paper will also outline the new and creative lifestyle program to facilitate the target group of patients (the elderly and overweight patients) with the aim of preventing them from the risk for cardiovascular diseases, Type II Diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease and stroke.

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Implementing a Health Centre in an Organization


A health and wellness centre is a facility that deals with the promotion, restoration and maintenance of optimal health. These centers offer both curative and preventive solutions to patients. This plays a key role in empowering the patients and helps them to create the necessary plans for healthy living. These centers not only focus on the mental state of the patient but also go a long way in evaluating their mental state to ensure that they maintain, promote or even restore the patients health. The centers apply both traditional and modern medical methods in achieving their objectives. Some of the objectives include age management, weight loss, nutritional counseling, fitness programs and massage therapies among others.

Medical and Lifestyle Requirements of the Patient

The first step before setting up a Health and Wellness Center is the assessment of needs of the target group of patients. The administrators of the hospital should outline the needs and requirements of the elderly, overweight patient. The assessments should also include the specific medical requirements and considerations for this kind of patient. The main aim of this center will be preventing the patient from the risk for cardiovascular diseases, Type II Diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease and stroke (Peeke, 2007). This kind of patient requires care that is physically demanding. From the assessment of the needs, this kind of patient will require exceptional services such as regular exercises, massage services, special diet, counseling services and regular medical checkups. This patient will also require intensive round the clock care by a person with the relevant medical knowledge, such as a nurse. This is important because the person will take care of any emergency services without risking the life of the patient.

The Implementation Process

The process of setting up this centre will be gradual. The first phase will be to identify the premises to set up the center. The premises must be built in such a way that they can easily accommodate the patients. Since the patients are elderly and overweight, it is recommended that the premises be built only with one floor. This will make the movement of the patients in the house easier. The premises should also be situated in a quiet environment. The climate of the place should also be apathetic. This will enhance the possibility for the patient to have the peace of mind which is crucial for the whole healing process. The center should also be located near a hospital. The hospital should be certified in handling the ailments the patient is at risk of developing. The premises should be well-partitioned to give enough room and space for different activities.

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The second phase will be the purchase of necessary equipments required in the center. These equipments will facilitate the process of health maintenance, promotion and restoration for the patient with multiple risk factors. These equipments should be used in specific rooms such as the cardiovascular, aerobics, main gymnastic, emergency rooms and even distinct classes. The final phase will be hiring of the necessary staff in the center (Leddy, 2006). The staff involves both skilled and non-skilled labor. The skilled labor includes nurses, dietitians and nutritionists, aerobics coach, counseling psychologists, social workers, masseurs and equipment engineers.

Challenges Expected in the Implementation and their Solutions

One of the main challenges in implementing this proposal is the relatively large amount of economic resources required in setting up the center. This, however, can be solved by borrowing funds from banking institutions and other financial institutions. The other challenge is getting the skilled labor required in the center. This can be solved by using the staff in hospitals in the short run to keep the center running, as the hiring process is undertaken.

Timeline Outlining the Change Implementation

The setting up of this centre will take about one year. The first phase of setting up of the premises will take around nine months. This will be followed by setting up plans for the equipment and hiring the management staff. This will take up approximately one month. The installation and purchase of the equipment will take the next one month. This will be followed by the hiring and training of the other staff, which will take up one month. Therefore, the center will be fully functional after exactly one year (Cutler, 2008).


The Health and Wellness Centers have been tremendously beneficial in the modern day lifestyle. This essay seeks to show how such centers can be set up in a gradual process. Although the process may seem as long and time consuming, the importance of the centers cannot be overemphasized. This is because it is better to prevent these patients who have multiple risks from diseases other than using more resources in the intensive care units and life support machines in hospitals. Therefore, from the essay, the setting up of these centers can be achieved by following the right processes.

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