Understanding the Harvard Formatting Style

The Harvard formatting style (also referred to as the author/date referencing system) is a form of referencing that tutors and course supervisors often ask students to use in assignments. Students are often shocked by such requests because they do not understand the different referencing styles and start looking online for tips and advice on how to apply these seemingly intricate rules. However, there is no need to feel inadequate since referencing can be a difficult task. Neither should you feel worried since Great-Writings.com is always on hand with a team of professionals to help you through such problems.

Before you start trying to apply the Harvard style page format to a paper it is important to understand this process. For example, the professional writers at Great-Writings.com describe referencing as a citation system that is widely used in the academic world to indicate that facts, ideas, quotes, theories, and other materials have been taken from external sources and where these have come from. 

Why Is Referencing a Written Work Important?

  1. Referencing helps writers to avoid plagiarism, which is a type of academic cheating (or stealing).
  2. Applying the Harvard outline format rules to a paper, for example, is a process that ensures credit or acknowledgement is given to the rightful source and authors used in an assignment.
  3. Accurate referencing of sources indicates that the writer has put effort into researching the topic they are writing about.
  4. References help future writers (and readers) to do their own research.  
  5. Quite simply, it is very important to acknowledge any sources that are used in a written assignment, not least because it demonstrates integrity on the part of the writer.

Perfect Harvard Writing Format and Style: Putting These into Use

As well as providing you with a great Harvard style essay example, the professional writers at Great-Writings.com go through a number of processes to ensure the referencing in your Harvard-style paper is done correctly.

Typically, our writers use the Harvard essay format template described below and it is hoped this will help you reference your own papers:

The complexities of Harvard style formatting probably become clear from reading the above. This system has a number of complex requirements that need to be adhered to. Indeed, it is usually difficult for students to find comprehensive guidelines online, so one of the few (and best) options is to get help from the professional writers at Great-Writings.com. Hence, we are always here with a team of skilled writers who are experts in all referencing styles and they would be delighted to give you their whole-hearted help.

Referencing a work in the Harvard style report format does not depend entirely on citing sources but also on being able to find the complete and most relevant information about the source. Citing sources using the Harvard system can be very difficult and even impossible sometimes, but the professionals at our company are experts in this respect.