Tips on Writing a Business Essay

If you are studying business, a task to write a business essay is inescapable. Sooner or later, you will get such an assignment and probably, will start panicking since you do not know where to begin and what the paper should look like. This article will help you not to be taken by surprise and disclose the secrets of writing an excellent business essay.

The element that plays the most important role in any essay and influences the grade most of all is the content. It should be logical, reasonable, coherent, and research-driven. The last characteristic implies that the text should be based on the evidence from reputable and credible sources written by experts and professionals in various business spheres. Furthermore, a business essay should have correctly applied terms, formal vocabulary, absence of grammar mistakes, as well as properly formatted references and in-text citations. These elements also considerably affect the way your essay is viewed by a professor. In order to ensure that all the main criteria of a well-written business essay are met, it is recommended to divide the writing process into the few stages.

Stage One: Analyze the Question

Read the task and figure out what the professor wants you to do. Have a close look at words, especially, verbs, that are used in the assignment as they will reveal the most suitable approach to accomplish the task successfully. As a rule, you will see the following words in the question: “illustrate,” “describe,” “analyze,” “compare and contrast,” “interpret,” “criticize,” “examine,” “discuss,” “explain,” etc. For example, in question, “Analyze the impact of high immigrant influx to Europe on the economic processes and financial health of countries,” it is necessary to “analyze” the cause-effect relationship between different social and economic changes taking place on the continent. In case you are given a chance to choose a topic by yourself, select the one that is interesting, fits in with the professor’s requirements, and is the original one. In such a way, the writing will be pleasing to both you and the instructors, who will read something new and, thus, evaluate the work highly.

Stage Two: Search for Evidence

In this phase, you should create a foundation for your paper. It should be done through the search of relevant literature and its analysis. Once you know the topic, start looking for books, journal articles, case studies, reports, newspaper articles, and other reliable and credible sources in order to gather as much useful evidence as possible. You may try to find necessary literature in a library or on the Internet. There is an immense number of different databases and online academic journals with peer-reviewed articles on the web. The databases that might prove specifically helpful for a business student are Google Scholar, Questia, Emerald Insight, LexisNexis, etc. Remember that while working with the sources found, you should make note of the most important point and proactively thinks how you will use them in the paper. Try to generate a simple outline while reading and keep record of the factual information about a source, i.e., its author, title, publisher, etc., so that you could cite them later. In addition, at this stage, you may carry out own research to collect data by, for instance, conducting an interview or a survey.

 Stage Three. Create an Outline

Now, as you have some ideas as well as opinions of experts and professionals on the topic, you may start creating an outline. It should be a plan that you will follow when writing the actual paper. An outline is necessary as it will help you organize your thoughts, structure the paper, and ensure it will develop in a logical and coherent manner. To generate this plan, write down all ideas that you came up with in the order from the least to the most important. In blank space, which you have to leave after each claim, jot down the suitable evidence and examples collected while reading. Finally, think of what to include in the introduction and conclusion. Now, your outline is ready. If you find the process too complicated or time-consuming, you may use our custom writing services and order a business essay of the highest quality.

Stage Four. Compose Draft

Using the plan or outline of a business essay, which you have just created, write a draft. Make sure that each paragraph has topic and concluding sentences and that the language used is clear, accurate, and unambiguous. Do no use slang or jargon. All ideas should be articulated in a reasonable and understandable manner. In the end, you need to have a business essay consisting of the following components:

Step Five. Edit and Proofreading

Print out your draft and read carefully. Remember that it is not the final product, and the text is yet to be improved. If you do not know what adjustments might be necessary, have a look at the following checklist. It will help you to detect and correct all deficiencies in the content and language. As a result, you will get an insightful and mistakes-free paper. So, here it is:

Unless you can answer “yes” to all the questions, keep editing and proofreading the paper. Only then your paper will have the quality that is worth showing to a professor.