Steps of Writing a Business Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a complicated and challenging task, especially if it is a business dissertation. Nevertheless, this seemingly tough experience might become rewarding and even interesting if you approach the writing process cleverly. To do it, you need to be prepared to what is expected of you. This article is exactly what you need to get this information and become mentally and physically capable of creating a superb business dissertation.

Find a Right Topic

In the context of a dissertation, a right topic is an innovative one. Dissertations are about studying a problem and offering a unique perspective, interpretation, or solution to it. Of course, such a result is possible only if you research something new. Thus, to write an original paper, start with reading about something that you find interesting and exciting. In the process, you might detect an area or aspect that was not studied well enough or an obvious gap in the existing knowledge about the problem. This is what you were looking for! If you have a chance to close a loophole in modern science with the help of your dissertation, you should grasp this opportunity.

Pay attention that you should not make up a new topic about something that no one has ever discussed. It is too complicated and in many regards, impossible. That is why a new approach or method applied to the problem that is not new is acceptable and will be approved by a research committee, which is to consider your thesis or dissertation proposal. Furthermore, ensure that the topic, which you eventually choose, is neither too broad nor too narrow. Otherwise, you will either exceed the word count limit without any accomplishment done or will struggle to find at least some relevant information.

Useful note: As you read various literature in the process of choosing a topic, be sure to take notes about what you find and analyze the material critically. Such a proactive approach will help you to write an obligatory literature review and place your topic in the context with almost no efforts.

Create a Proposal

Once you are done with choosing a topic and formulating research questions and/or hypotheses to answer or test, you should proceed to write a dissertation proposal. It is a kind of an extensive outline of your dissertation. It is necessary to introduce your idea to a research committee of your educational establishment. To get their approval, you should accentuate the originality of your topic regardless of whether you are going to discuss something absolutely new or will simply adopt an innovative methodology.

The components to include in your dissertation or thesis proposal are as follows:

Write a Dissertation

You have made two considerable steps forward and have made much progress so far. Nevertheless, it is high time to start getting deeper into the problem under discussion and begin the actual writing process. You need to read even more literature to find evidence and examples that support your hypothesis or, on the contrary, oppose it. You must gather as much data as possible in order to describe comprehensively the current state of knowledge on the topic. Keep in mind that you should give credit to all authors whose ideas you rely on or cite in your dissertation. Thus, assemble a complete bibliography formatted according to the guidelines of some style, e.g., APA, Harvard, Chicago, or MLA.

Apart from reading, at this stage, you should implement your original research using the chosen methodology. In business dissertations, it is necessary to collect new data or increase the amount of those gathered before by other researchers. Analyze newly acquired data, make notes about the results, and develop charts and tables, if applicable, to present them effectively. Once you are done with these tasks, proceed to structure your business dissertation. In fact, the structure is quite similar to that of the proposal:

Finally, edit and proofread your dissertation. Only having done these crucial steps, you may submit the paper to your professor for feedback and approval. Be ready to revising and redrafting. These processes are an inseparable part of dissertation writing.