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Advantages of Our Custom Writing Affiliate Program

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Our Affiliate Scheme

Stating it briefly, a custom writing affiliate program is similar to other associate programs which imply getting generous commission. Thus, a website gets traffic from the affiliate sites and pays commission for that. Posting links to the sites that sell their services, the website has an agreement with specific conditions and terms. Typically, the websites agree on the number of people who get new services or buy particular goods. There is another option of an agreement according to which commission is paid for the number of new visitors to the website if they choose this company because of the advertisement banners. For instance, a custom writing affiliate program can imply that a link can bring profit to an affiliate site in accordance with an agreement. Actually, it is a great solution for online sales. More than that, it is an outstanding strategy of marketing for recruiting affiliates. It is both effective and cheap, and it is really nice for advertising the services of a certain website.

Our Affiliate Scheme
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average income




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bonuses utilized
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active clients

If you like the idea of a custom writing affiliate program, you need to know at least something about its background. As far back as 1996, the CEO and founder of Amazon.com, Inc. Jeff Bezos made this online marketing strategy really popular. Thus, Amazon.com suggests its affiliates to advertise selling books via spreading links. What do they get? Mostly, their profit is a percentage of the price every time a user buys books online, using this link. For sure, it can be anything else, not only books. Thus, the main website does the job: accepts the order, takes payments, and organizes shipping, while the affiliate only assists in selling the goods. Is the strategy rewarding? It is possible to conclude that it is as the program of Amazon.com now has more than 500,000 affiliate websites.

The popularity of affiliate programs has increased over the years. There are a lot of types of such strategies. The genius of Jeff Bezos made it possible for other companies to develop. We want you to make money in college affiliate program of our website as well!

We hold the leading position in the market of writing services. Our clients are well aware of the success they can achieve. They are confident about our reliability and we are proud of that. Still, we want to move on. We are eager to make our database of clients bigger and we use different methods of attracting those interested in writing help. Our affiliate program is well-organized and you can save with us. What is more, you can earn with us! When we started it, our customers got another proof of our respectful attitude and interest in clients’ success.

We state that our loyalty to high-quality work has not changed. What we want is to reward our clients for their willingness to cooperate with us. You can also get benefits from us! So, placing orders and paying for excellent academic papers, you can also take part in our promotional campaign.

You help us spread the word about our company and we give you top-notch discounts. So, our custom writing services gain even more popularity and you make money in college affiliate program. Would anyone say ‘No’ if it goes about extra cash? Not really! Join our program and start right now! After you get registered, you get a link and a code to promote our writing service. You simply copy this code and link and send them to anybody who might be interested in our writing help. When you peer or friend gets them and places the order through them, you earn a bonus. Making money is really easy with us!

Please have a look at the terms of our service. It is easy as ABC. You help us attract potential clients and we help you earn. Let everyone know about the benefits we give to the students and share your personal experience about our cooperation. Get involved in this program and start getting valuable bonuses and advantages from us right away.

We Offer You a Lot of Bonuses:

You can make money as a student if you take part in our affiliate program. Help us get new clients to the database and our promotional campaign will help you be successful. We guarantee that you get a 10% bonus every time a new client places his first order.

Does a new customer benefit from our strategy? For sure! A discount of 17% is a great start, isn’t it?

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How Does Our Program Work?

  • Provide us with your basic personal information and open the personal account with your login details.
  • Choose the option “Affiliate Program.” Get the link and study all terms and conditions. Make sure that you have copied the right link, promo code, and email address.
  • Compose a link of those who might be interested in help with writing and share the link with them.
  • Placing the first order through a link, a new client will get a guaranteed discount of 17%.
  • Note that activation of the promo code is for one time only. The system registers new clients and makes sure that the discount is given for one order only.
  • Automatic activation of the discounts does not require any effort from the clients.

* In the field “My friends’ email”, provide email addresses you know. Think whether these people are interested in our custom writing affiliate program. You can make money for students only if they might be willing to place academic writing orders.

Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Our bonus system has a number of advantages and the main one is a 10% bonus for every assignment ordered from Great-writings.com by new clients. You attract potential customers and earn bonuses. You make money as a student and either accumulate the points or pay for your own papers with these bonuses. Consider that you can make both partial and full payments and cover a certain percentage of the order. Many of our customers ask whether they can get actual money out of the affiliate program. Yes, you can! A money transfer is one of our benefits for the customers.

You have got a lot of dreams. Make a step towards them! No hesitation! You both get access to top-notch papers and a chance to save and even earn! Make money in college affiliate program today!


Clients’ Reviews


I am very thankful and satisfied with the job well done by the writer. I'll look forward for this very writer to write my other custom papers that I'll order in the future

Daniel, Manhattan, NY, USA

person 1

Just wanted to thank you guys for the incredible work that you did on my essay. I was worried it would be copied or something, but I got a unique one and am pleased with the results

Amelia, Manhattan, NY, USA

person 2

I had no idea that your research paper writers could produce such high quality work. Thank you for everything!

Bobbie O, Alberta: Edmonton

person 3

My research paper was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work that you guys did. Wow! I will be using your services from this point forward.

Ully Tolvov, Nova Scotia: Halifax

person 4

Excellent structure, organization and content. Thanks, guys! This paper was exactly what I needed to bring up my grades.

Tracy B., Saskatchewan: Regina


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