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True American Drinking Game Ideas

Just think of numerous occasions when you could play a ring of fire drinking game and make people imbibe from the King cup. It is absolutely funny and entertaining and can spice up any party. Thus, if you want to be a genuine party animal, you should know cool drinking games which you can make use of on the Freshers’ Day or next time you will have to kill time while waiting for the taxi to arrive.

1. Paranoia

Paranoia may not be particularly useful in befriending, but it will cheer up and entertain everyone at the drop of a hat. You will be literally shocked how nosy you really are. Players need to whisper questions to their neighbors one after another, but the responder should tell the answer out loud. If one of the players cannot resist the temptation of finding out what the question was, he/she has to drink to get to know. Even the most light-hearted players will surely crack at least once!
If you want to play a more spicy game, try “Person Paranoia,” where the answer to the question should be one of the players in the room, and the player answering the question should point at their answer. If one wants to find out the question, he/she has only one way-out-drink.

2. Fuzzy Duck

As old as the time, this game is still an all-time favorite. This game is a way-out if you do not have a lot of materials at your fingertips since all you need is your own voices. Everyone sits in a circle and says “fuzzy duck” to the person on the left.
Carry on doing this until somebody says “does he,” to whom the player on their right should reply “ducky fuzz,” and then the game goes vice versa with everyone saying “ducky fuzz” until someone says “does he” again and the direction changes and you will have “fuzzy duck” again. If anybody forgets their lines, they will need to drink. But do not worry! You will not blink an eye when someone fails.

3. Where’s the water?

If you are apt at drinking your tequila and at the same can deceive people skillfully, this game will fit the bill. It somehow reminds of roulette game, and you lay out a collection of different shot glasses, and fill some with alcohol and others with water. Each person then should choose and drink a shot one after another shouting out “mmm, water!” in an as much persuasive voice as possible. If you catch them out and say they are lying, and if you turn out to be right, they take another shot. Nevertheless, if you fail, the drink is on you.

4. Bob

This is one of the best fun party ideas that does not require any special equipment at all. To conduct this funny game, you need to add the name Bob to a person’s name when you turn to them, for instance, when saying “Jessica, can you refill my glass?: you need to say “Bob Jessica, can you refill my glass?”
It may seem trivial, but we can vouch that you will mess up at least once. How will you make up for forgetting? It is simple: a set amount of fingers of your drink.

5. The name game

While we have not drifted away from the names topic, here is one more game you can try. The aim of this game is to test your awareness of the celebrity world. The rules are simple: one person tells the name of a certain celebrity, and the next person should come up with the name of a celebrity whose name starts with the first letter of the other person’s surname.
For example, if one person says “Shawn Mendes,” you could say “Meghan Trainor,” and the next player could say “Tom Odell.” You may wonder where the drinking part is. If you are unable to come up with a name at once, you should drink while mulling over.

6. Beer pong

For this game, you can take as much alcohol as you like. All you need is to make a triangle with 6 half-full cups of any alcoholic drinks at opposite ends of a table, in a 3-2-1 formation, and then break into two groups, each taking an end.
Then players need to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opponent’s cups one after another. If it lands, they should empty the drink and take the cup away from the table. Finally, the team which will use all of the cups first loses.

7. Sixes

The equipment for this game includes a dice and six different cups of different sizes. It can be a shot all the way up to this pointless oversized novel mug that allows you to use two teabags. Each cup has its own different number on the dice. Players throw the dice and then should drink the contents of the cup they have been assigned.

8. Flip cup

You must have heard about those red plastic cups which are shown in any American teen TV show? Basically, they are called Solo cups and they will perfectly fit a game of flip cup. For this game, two teams stand on opposite sides of a table with a cup filled to the top in front of each player. The first players in line dash to swallow down their drinks, and then put their empty cups upside down on the edge of the table. After that, they need to flip their cups the right way up – which is difficult if you have a few – at this moment, the next person in line has to do the same. The team that comes first to the end wins!

9. Never have I ever

If your dorm is crammed with newcomers, Never Have I Ever is a superb way to come to know each other in a broader sense in a short span of time. The odds are high that you know the rules of the game perfectly well, but if not, you just need to use “Never have I ever” as a prefix to a sentence for something you have never done, and each player who has done it should take a sip of a drink.

10. Wizard staff

All you need for this game is to empty any drink in a can, and then use all your cans to make your own Wizard Staff.
The player who will put up the largest staff wins, but if anyone gathered up to 10 cans, they get the title of the White Wizard, and if somebody else will pile up ten cans after them, they will need to compete with each other — or actually hit their staffs until one of them gets destroyed.

11. Drunk Jenga

Buy a Jenga set and write a particular rule on the top of each wooden block. It can be something like “empty your cup with vodka at once,” or “kiss the player to your left.” Basically, the more you play, the more sloshed you will get, and the more interesting your game will be.

12. Back to back

The rules are simple: two members of your team stand back to back with shots in their hands. The other teammates ask them a “Who’s the most likely to….” question, and the player who thinks they are the most likely to needs to empty a drink. If one of them drinks, you give another question. If they both drink, they both need to drink again. If neither of them drinks, they both need to drink once again.

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