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3 Day Diet Analysis

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My Daily Eating Habits

My eating plan habits, as of 16th July 2013 can be classified. On the 15th, my breakfast was a cup of K cereal, an empty lunch and then a variety of food products for supper that includes either a chicken breast, grilled, boneless, roasted of baked, a shredded lettuce and iceberg, a packet salad dressing, a cup of tea and a slice of tomatoes. My snacks were wedge honeydew raw melon, a fruit, tea or a wedge of a watermelon. My eating habits, considering the plan for the 16th are a little different. The basic concept is to balance everything to achieve in the essential diet the elements needed for the body (Whitney, 2007).

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I can describe my eating habits as a low-carb diet. It majorly includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits and a lot of grain bread. This is to ensure that I enrich my body with less calorie food and nutritious food; low-carb food provides essential energy that fuels body muscles so that one can perform through a day in a clear and depress fewer moods. Hence, I can conclude that the habit is aimed at managing my body weight, provide essential nutrients and energy daily.

Diet Comparisons to the Recommendations Received From the Supertracker

The SuperTracker is strictly professional, since it recommends the required and recommended foods. Comparing the SuperTracker with my eating habits, it seems that I am lacking a lot of necessary elements. The diet on the 16th, as indicated above includes various diet boastful meals that are contrary of my actual diet – a salad dressing, melon and a slice of a tomato are the only meals that could be found in my normal diet on 15th. Chicken and tea are new meals. On 17th, pork is a new meal and on 18th fish is another. Generally I do not even go with an empty stomach on lunch times. Even if there are a number of fruits and vegetables, the meal plan is in a larger percentage a deviation to my eating habits. Beef and Pizza should be replaced with fish or pork.

How Many Servings from each Food Group did you Consume?

At least 4 servings were grains. In my diet, there is a high level of grain foods such as corn. 3 servings are from fruits which are significant energy nutrients for the body. The other servings are dairy products and vegetables, which were included in every meal.

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My Diet

The six classes of nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals and water. The nutrients are important for the development of the body. Water is generally a nutrient that I used to satisfy an appetite with and it controls the temperature and carries other nutrients to the body. Carbohydrates are nutrients necessary in sourcing energy to the body; on the other hand, they are processed slowly in the body, as explained ahead proteins are essential for the creation of the structure of body tissues and transport significant body elements to the body. Fats store energy hence it is majorly used for energy production, thus essential to the body. Vitamins are used to regulate body functions and minerals used for various body functions, one of which is bone maintenance. According to the above review from the SuperTracker and my actual eating habits, there are number deviations in my diet (Smolin, 2009). Occasionally considering the classes of nutrients, I certainly consume more carbohydrates than water or proteins, vitamins, fats or minerals. Carbohydrates are essential in energy for the body as it is its primary source. Proteins, however, are more essential to the body, as they provide for the structure of tissues of the body; I consume less proteins in my diet, but I do take some percentage of proteins. Water is a major nutrient in my meals, as each day I take 4 to 5 cups of water, in most cases after every meal. Unlike proteins, Vitamins form much of my diet, as I tend to take more fruits and fruit products with fats are unlikely in my diet. I take minerals in selected days of the week and with submission from my parents. Therefore, looking at my food pattern, there is a need to increase the consumption of proteins and minerals, continue the reduction of fats and moderate on carbohydrates.

I would like to add mostly protein rich foods like fish, beef and pork or eggs. Minerals like calcium are also other nutrient rich foods I require. The new diet in conclusion will be essential in securing a diet living. My actual eating habits had variations, hence the new meal plan will be able to capture the six classes of nutrients, hence ensuring that in the future I will achieve a healthy diet.

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