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Disneylands 20Th Anniversary Advertisement

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Extended Communication Analysis Project: Part 2

The form of communication in question is the 20th anniversary advertisement inviting audience to the Disneyland celebration. The advertisement is attractive at first sight with much appeal to anybody who comes across it. The advertisement communication has details of when the event took place and the venue of the activities. The advertisement also expresses hospitality to people of various age groups sporting the picture of an old man and a young girl. The Disneyland website is the best place to locate the advertisement because of the technological innovation. The advertised event took place in the year 2013 at Disneyland Paris as a mark of 20 years of their existence. Advertisements are common in modern social, political and economic spheres. Politicians always run online advertisements whenever campaign periods approach. This analysis paper will seek an answer to the questions that could help to improve future Disneyland advertisements. Are there other forms of publicity awareness that Disneyland could explore? What is the connection of any other form of communication with the online advertisement? What limitations are evident in the Disneyland advertisement? The paper will also analyze finer details of the Disneyland advertisement.

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Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement has some plain messages and hidden information which calls for critical analysis. The name of the firm or company plus what will happen remain the key items in the advertisement. The words SEE IT. BELIEVE IT. speaks volumes in this advertisement. The use of code words is very common in television, online and print media advertisements (Danesi 35). These words carry weight, the vision and objective of a campaign. The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN slogan is one of the code words used by politicians in campaigns. These words raise curiosity in peoples minds. One could wonder what it is they are to see and believe in. People who are at first attracted by these words can then see the details in the advert and make a decision to attend the event. Meaning can be extracted through observation followed by imaginary reflection on the content. Danesi, exposes that people can decide on what an object of communication means just through observation and curiosity (25). The advertisement equally engages the mind into deep thinking. The purple color has a message to communicate. It can be possible to derive different messages from the same work of art. People always interpret things guided by their orientation in life. Orientations can be different in nature culturally, socially and religiously. People peg one type of color to an event or association in their culture (Danesi 27). The presence of a young child and an old man speak to the audience about the comedy mix in the park. Both the old and the young will have something to smile at.

Creativity is evident in Disneylands 20th anniversary celebration advertisement. The letter D is bigger than the rest of the letters in this advertisement. The word Disneyland also displays a mix of calligraphy. Mixing letters illustrates creativity and acts as a foreshadow of what the audience could expect in the actual celebration. People go to funfairs because of the creativity offered in such events. Political advertisements also offer creativity to catch peoples attention. President Obamas first campaign used the slogan YES WE CAN to urge people to embrace change and dynamism. These words actually brought success. Creativity and innovation is vital to all communication mediums across the world. Television adverts also make use of creativity to attract viewers, as well as print media use innovation and creativity to deliver a message to the readers.

Disneylands 20th anniversary celebration advertisement has strategic use of words needed to be embraced in many publicity awareness campaigns. Innovative use of words helps to leave the viewers in suspense and anticipation of the event. The words, EXTENDED CELEBRATION communicates that there are going to be long hours of joy and fun at the event. People who love fun will be attracted by these words to book a place at the event. Innovation is vital in setting up words in an advertisement. The piece of art has a lot of dynamism and wide inclusion of details. Innovation is necessary in advertisements. Other forms of communication equally need some form of innovation to remain attractive. The big number 20 is also included in the advert. The word extended is also firmly imbedded in the number twenty. Disneylands 20th anniversary celebration advertisement has the inscription of twenty years to communicate maturity in the fun industry. Culturally, people associate age with maturity. An elderly person is always considered wiser than a young person. People love maturity in issues. Peoples culture always accompanies them on a day-to-day basis (Danesi 27). The presence of an elderly person in the advertisement further encourages mature people to attend the event. The Disneylands 20th anniversary celebration advertisement appeals to the young and the old generations because of the two sets of age representation.

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Dates of events need to be reflected on advertisement posters. It is evident that Disneylands 20th anniversary occasion will took place on March28, 2013. The specific date helps the potential audience to plan their time as they look forward to attending the function. People always work with plans. It is very rare to live without a plan in the contemporary society. The advertisement must also be placed some days before the actual event. One or two months gap between the first day of putting the advert and the occasion is good enough. Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement was posted on their website to attract huge followership. Many people in the present world use the Internet and online-related communication on a daily basis. The decision to post the Disneyland advertisement online is a good strategy in marketing. The advertisement was also placed on the blog site belonging to Disneyland. Advertisements and general business must constantly evolve in order to remain relevant. Online sites are a form of communication media that is widely accessible by many people. Innovation, as a vital process, should be encouraged in the advertisement industry (Gray 39).

Various companies also use online platforms to spread awareness about their existence. The online advertisement industry will continue to flourish as time goes by because of technological revolution. Advertisements can also be broadcasted via television, which has an equally wide viewership. The Disneyland advertisement can be strategically positioned on a commuter train that allows advertisements. The advertisement can also work best when placed in some public amusement parks with big attendance. The objective of an advertisement is to attract a large number of viewers. Online positioning presently helps to reach as many people as possible. People often surf the Internet either through their computers of smartphones. Technological revolution helps Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement to have a wide viewership.

Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement brings on board a young and elderly person. These two people appear to be close to one another. Such closeness communicates love, unity and harmony in their world. Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement instills the idea of oneness in the family. The two people from different generations appear to be enjoying what they see. This advertisement illustrates that the young and the old will have something to enjoy in the event. The whole family can consequently attend the event bonding with one another. People from all walks of life cherish moments of family unity. The advertisement appeals to people that desire to stay close to one another. Family-loving people will indeed flock the park to have fun and connect. Television and print media also advocate family union in their advertisements.

Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement lacks some specific items on display. The advert does not have a list of artists who will perform or the various stands that should be placed in the function. I find this a weakness. Disneyland should utilize the list of performing artists or the specification of stands at the celebration. On a positive note, however, the missing artists and stands can create suspense and expectation of the viewers (Danesi 38). Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement has the girl and the old man gazing at something, which could be amazing. Leaving the audience wondering what could be happening is another tip that is essential in advertisement. Television and print media also use suspense to lure audience into discovering what could be awaiting them at the event.

To conclude, Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement uses various forms of art to spread awareness of the event. The choice and use of words like see it believe it helps to attract many people who love to have fun. Television and print media also uses code words to communicate the message of advertisements. The young and old customers feel welcome to the Disneyland party because of the inclusion of a girl and an elderly man in the advertisement. The choice of color and the use of stars equally communicate enormous fun at the Disneyland event. Creativity and innovation is also evident in this Disneylands 20th anniversary advertisement in the calligraphic positioning of letters. This advert was posted on the Disneyland website and blogs to reach as many people as possible. The use of technology significantly helps to reach many people across the globe. Television and print media readily embrace technology in their advertisements.

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